Oman Journals 2014

I'm spending Summer 2014 in Ibri, Oman, with CLS (studying Arabic), and I intend to blog frequently throughout this journey. Feel free to follow along.
To be updated frequently ...

IMPORTANT: Nothing I write is on behalf of the program that's funding my travels to here. It's all my own experiences and thoughts. I'm simply and deeply grateful to the program for this opportunity to fulfill my dreams of traveling and studying at the same time. Traveling is such a beautiful thing. It changes a person in beautiful ways; it makes one a better person - I can certainly confidently say I'm a better person today than I was yesterday. I think everyone who has the means and time to do so should travel as much as possible. And then the program's policies of fully respecting the culture, religion, rules, expectations of this country and the city we're in are also something to appreciate. There's almost no point to traveling if you're not going to respect the local rules and expectations in the process. We learn and we teach at the same time, but in my experience, I'm doing more learning than teaching, if any teaching at all, and learning has never felt better before. Alhamdulillah.

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