Friday, July 11, 2014

My Omani host family's farm

All right - we finally now talk about my host family's farm (animal and plant). 

So we ate a boosboosa and headed out to tour the huge farm. I'm not gonna label all of the photos below because some of them, I don't remember what they are anymore. (I know, I should post pictures like these almost as soon as I take them. InshaAllah next time.) But they have the following in plants:

grapes, grapefruit (or something like it that's big and green but red on the inside), mangoes, bananas, apples; olives, mustard, coriander, other spices; various flowers; plenty of date trees (they're called nakheel in Arabic); figs, eggplants, okra, red and green pepper, lemons and limes. Other plants that I don't remember anymore.

For animals, they have goats, sheep, cows, chicken. 

MashaAllah 'alaihim. God preserve them, their wealth, and their farms - aameen.

Boosboosa, freshly-baked.

The way to the farm - mashaAllah lots of date trees

Yeah, I don't remember what this is ...

Grape  vine!!

Egg plant?



I want to say grapefruit, but I might be wrong.

They were quite fascinated by a group of foreign girls. Somehow, they, too, could tell we weren't Omani.

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