Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pictures from Musandam, Oman

I'm currently visiting Musandam in Oman, which required a 3-hour van and a 5-hour ferry ride. It's been so wonderful so far I feel like I'm in heaven, alhamdulillah! This place is so beautiful I wanna live here forever!

The hotel is beautiful, and the people are really nice. It's really cheap because it's new, so they're giving out great deals to guests. They even provide courtesy rides to and from the hotel to anywhere want around here, like restaurants, the port, etc.

I took a lot of pictures in my camera, but I unfortunately forgot my USB for the camera at home so cannot upload the pictures, BUT! I also took a few pictures in my phone, and here they are.


Our hotel

The pool at the hotel

This is right across from our pool.

The pool area

Those mountains, ya Allaaaahh!

The sky around sunset, Good God.

The parking lot!

We went to a restaurant for dinner. Look closely at this menu

Look closely at this one, too ...

The restaurant served us hummus with paraatas until we requested Lebanese bread / pita bread


I love all things mango, of course, so I ordered a mango/strawberry-mix drink. The strawberry part wasn't good.

The waiter asked if we wanted separate bills for each of us or one together. We told him whatever was convenient for him. He  brought us this.

Omani coffee served to us at the hotel once we were brought back from the restaurant (courtesy rides provided by the hotel! God bless them!)

Then we went to Lulu, a major supermarket in Oman, to get some water and other things.

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