Thursday, July 10, 2014

The visit to an Omani farm (animals and plants)

Some weeks ago, we visited the family farm of an Omani family here. As you've probably figured from my previous blog posts, most families here seem to have farms - animal and plant. I'll share photos of my host family's farm soon as well. 

It's been a long time since I took these photos, though, so I don't remember the names of most of some of the plants, but we can look them up if need be, ei!

You make food for the animals here.

The 'Murricans!

The hosh ("goats" in 'Amiya) were shy.

The bosh!! ("Camels" in 'Amiya)

Another bosh

Here, legend has it that a camel with a lip pulled downward is a good camel. I don't know what it means to be a good camel. Loyal, etc.?
The dates in their early stages

Water for the plants


Amba ("Mango" in Amiya)

More bunches of dates.

Seriously, those dates ...

The 'Murricans being taught how to climb date trees to pick dates.

So one of the 'Murricans tried climbing it...

And she was good! MashaAllah 'alaiha!

Then another tried ...

And succeeded! MashaAllah 'alaiha, too.

Then another ... he, too, made it. MashaAllah 'alaihi.

You get the picture. MashaAllah 'alaihim all!

The baa'ing.

A well.

The place where (usually/generally) only male guests are supposed to stay when visiting this family. But we were all staying here because it's quite large, mashaAllah.

MANGOES ARE SO GOOD!! (Also imported from Pakistan so maybe that's why.)

Dates before they are completely ripe. But you still eat them. I don't prefer them till they're fully ripe.

The 'Murricans eating our lunch meal. It was a LOT of meat and a LOT of rice.

It's quite entertaining watching 'Murricans eat with their hands ...


  1. Dare to love you! ;)

    1. Brazillll!!!! <3 <3 tHAnk you for checking them out! :D


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