Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The last visit to the host family

Some pictures from our last visit to the host family.

Their farm

They said I could take as many as I want. God bless them!

Another date tree


They made luqaimah. These things that look like gulaab jamun but without the syrup and all. Delish.

And samboosas (samosas)

Host father was preparing some dates and grapes to give away to the poor so they can sell them to make money.

The iftar (fast-breaking) meal

Samosas, pizza, dates,  laban (shomley, lassi), breads, KUNAFAH!!!!

And chicken soup

The last time I'd had kunfah before this weekend was in Jordan. It's the best thing ever!

And the desserts - ice cream and caramel custard

Oh, yes - we were too full to eat the "actual" meal after all the starters, so this happened around 10pm! lolz. Salaan/ingwaley

My saalan/ingwaley

And the following photos are from a couple of weekends ago.

Omani breadz

saman - some kind of oil to go with the harees

Some of us got henna'd

We had fish one day. I don't like fish, but this was good.

THIS RICE WAS SO GODDAMN GOOD!!! I tried it at home and got something like this but not as good. Those onions!!

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