Monday, July 21, 2014

Musandam, Oman Photos - Tour through the Gulf of Oman

The second day of our vacation in Musandam, Oman, we had a 4-hour tour through the Gulf of Oman. Here are some pictures.
In Shinas. Waiting for departure.

The food we were served. The first time around, the rice/chicken wasn't great, and the bread was a LOT but barely any hummus; the second time, the chicken/rice was amazing, but there was lots of hummus and hardly any bread.

Musandam is known especially for these mountains in the middle of the sea/gulf.

We've just arrived in Musandam.

Another ferry across from ours.

The banaat (girls) leaving the ferry

The banaat heading over to our hotel rooms

Our backyard. Kindly note the little river across the fence.

Our hotel room

Our hotel pool. I swam every chance I had in here.

The view across from our hotel pool

How the pool connects to the river

And begins day 2 in Musandam with our tour through the gulf

And dolphins decided to join us!

They swam with us for a good while!

What a marvelous sight!

We stopped here to snorkel and swim around and all.

A view of our hotel - during our return to the beginning.

Still our hotel. It's huge and gorgeous, mashaAllah.

Heading back out of the boat

Day three. Leaving Musandam! What a sad, sad day!

Our driver stopped by this mosque to break his fast and pray.

The mosque

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