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  1. There is no Mahdi Except jesus son of Mariam. what do yo think about this?

  2. Hello, Anonymous!
    Welcome to my blog, and thank you so much for your comment!

    I'm not exactly sure about the question. What if I believe there are both a Mahdi and a Jesus (peace be upon them)? The two hold different positions in Islam, so I am not sure if they're comparable. Any specific thought you'd like to address?

  3. Dear Zufash!

    well an early Muslim saint Mansur Hallaj from the 9th century used to believe that only jesus is going to appear and nobody else. well i trust him on this even though Mansur hallaj is the most controversial person in the history of islam. i think we have to try be critical of all the early sources and question everything, i mean everything.

  4. Hey, Bilal! Welcome back!

    I see what you mean. I fully agree that everything needs to be questioned (no exceptions) -- but at the same time, we have to make sure that we are respecting other people's ideas. We don't have to submit to them or accept them as our own and they should respect ours, too, without necessarily accepting them. For instance, if someone questions the divinity or authenticity of the Qur'an, it would be wrong of them to tell all Muslims that "Hey, y'all! You folks are sooo wrong you don't know what you're doing. The Qur'an isn't divine, and you're fooled into believing that it is!" etc.

    As for whether it's just Jesus who'll be returning or Mahdi as well, I'm actually of the opinion that it does not matter whether one or both (or even neither) will be returning. I think it's one of those debates/discussions that really gets us nowhere when we talk about it. Let's say Mahdi won't be coming. So what? Let's say he will be coming - so what?

    Feel more than free to suggest otherwise, though, if you feel like who returns and why is important.

  5. Salam Zufash!

    ok forget Mahdi. There is a book called "The passion of Hallaj" which everyone should read atleast once. His name even appears in Rahman Baba's poetry very interesting.

    Do you read Rahman Baba's poetry?

  6. W/S! Thanks, Bilal - duly noted. I'll take a look at it soon, ka khairee.

    Yeah, I read Rahman Baba's poetry. Not too often and don't know too many of them, but I've read a few here and there on the Internet. Do you?

  7. Salam Zufash

    i think you should read Rahman Baba's full diwan if you can get it in the United states. what does sufism mean to you?

  8. i am obsessed with Rahman Baba's poetry.

  9. Hi, Bilal!
    Yeah, I actually plan to read the complete diwan. There's a website where you can order it, and I plan to do that some time soon, ka khairee.

    Thanks for the suggestion :D

  10. one who knows himself knows his lord

  11. Might be a new perspective or dimension to one you got especially Islam.


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