Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stimulating Classes - Part 3: Philosophy of Religion

k, back to the series of my favorite classes :D

Philosophy of Religion

OMG! Most DEFINITELY one of THE best classes ever offered ANYWHERE! I totally recommend it to every human on earth -- whether theist or atheist, Muslim or otherwise. Believe me, I actually came THIS close to changing my major to Philosophy with an emphasis on religions and then go on to study it further. (But no worries, I didn't.)

So, basically, much of the class was about God’s existence – or the lack of it – from a philosophical perspective. We read these intensely fascinating, thought-provoking, and erudite articles written by scholars from almost the beginning of Time till the 21st century. The class was entirely discussion-based, and I started learning how to be involved in fruitful discussions without degrading anyone. I can now explain God’s existence as WELL as His lack of existence from a philosophical point of view. It’s one of the best, most fulfilling feeling in the world. And even better and greater than that? I get to choose *myself* which side to go with, and I tell you ... the feeling is Divine; no feeling in the world can compare to that mental liberation. My definition of God is now completely based on what I learned in this class. Remember, though: I *chose* to leave the class with the information I left it with.

Oooh, the funniest moment in this class was once when we read this article that was against the existence of God and a student, a “good Christian,” said, “But, Professor, I don’t understand. How can anyone questioning God’s existence? He’s obviously there!” The professor was like, “Really? How is God so obviously there?” And the student responded, “I feel His love in my heart, Professor. I really do.” My teacher was like, “Only in a philosophy of religion class – only in a philosophy of religion class – would someone say this!” Everyone, including the girl who’d made the statement, laughed.

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