Friday, January 15, 2010

Stimulating Classes - Part 4: Intro to Women’s Studies

The class focused on women’s issues, with emphasis in the beginning of the course on women in the U.S. and later changing to women globally. Of course, it wasn’t just about women’s issues. It was everything concerning women: society, religion, gender and sex, feminism, globalization, economy, politics, oppression, etc., etc. It was in this class that I developed my concept of feminism and understood that feminists don’t focus on helping and serving women only, but they also tend to all other oppressed groups of people (since women know what it’s like to be oppressed) – including but not limited to the disabled, transgender, intersex, the internally displaced persons as well as war victims, and other minority groups.

I formed a million questions and discovered answers to thousands of questions that had previously been bothering me. I’ll always be grateful to the class for being offered with such useful and important material and information; the university for promoting the class; and the teacher for being so intelligent, tolerant, and respectful.

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