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Khairey - Pashto Insults, Abuses, Evil Wishes

Update (October 27, 2014):

Dear readers,
I've transferred this post, along with a couple of others so far, to my new blog on Wordpress. To read about khaire (insults, curses, abuses in Pashto), including some funny common ones, please click: Khaire: Pashto Curses, Insults, Abuses in the Pashtun Culture.

Thank you!


  1. When this post used to be a "page" on this blog, people made some really great comments that I'm going to paste here, since I'm deleting the "page" now:


    The only words my Mum's ever used for us girls are the likes of "murdaaray" but she's used a lot more for my brothers such as "sandaa" and "tor makhiya" and "daoosa", mostly used humorously. Actual deep cursing like you've mentioned was a new thing I only discovered after I joined online forums and twitter! It's quite disturbing to be honest! lol

    My reply:

    ONE-word khaireyz!! How could I forget :)

    Kamasley, mateezey, dawusa - even if in humor!

    And it's fascinating to know that not all Pashtuns grow up with these things! Girl, they're ALL around me :p I imagine class has a lot to do with it? Length and quality of education, geographical location, etc. must have something to do with it. It has to. There's a Pashto drama I can't remember now in which a husband constantly reminds his wife not to use words like "miraat marrey" because that's what "illiterate and uneducated and low-class" women use, not high-class women who are trying to go to England (the husband is trying to get his brother to take him to England, or something like this). When I remember the name, I'll mention it here.

    So yeah. Thanks for mentioning that!

  2. Anonymous:

    "khuday darla da spo marg rawali"


    khday day da khaouwro laanday ka...
    khday day paa spou maata/maat ka
    alaal shay...
    miraat maray....
    khouwray eray raig...(like if u dont want to give anything to someone with extreme hate u offer that person those three things)...

    Rahim Khan:

    Ee naharay, ee kangari che,yaa bagawi chi, meerata salghaata she, rhanda kanra shee, pa oar uswazi, gharqa she, beghairata dala, Allah de pa khpo shal ka, nori ba hum darulegama che rayaday shee tandar wahali

    Taimur Khan:

    Khwdey de baikh ubasa! (May God uproot you!)

    Toray khaoray de pa sar! (Black earth on your head!)

    Khwdey de pa sharmuno o-sharmawa! (May God extremely embarrass/humiliate you!)

    Khwdey de zaan ta hairaan ka! (May God dumbfound you with despair!)

    Meeraat/meerata shay! (May you have no sons!)

  3. Muhammad Usman:

    My grandmom used to say: na da deen shaway na da dunya....

    One's I know:
    Shoda, kadoo sira,
    da spoo mashra, spee satalay makhya, chinge de oshe darke, saplay makhya, kharaa, koosa/hijra, leewaney spee chechalya, spee stargya, choocha, kaamasla...
    nur dair vulgar ba shi bas


    Interesting. The women-folk in my area negate the khairay by adding "na" in the end
    for example,

    khuday day starhay ka na
    khuday day lewanay ka na
    khuday day pa zan hairan ka na (may you become perplexed with yourself)
    eee khawray eeray say na
    eee khwar halak say na
    eee mondrar say na
    eee khoday day mastarghay oba ka na ..... (may god turn your brain into water lool)

    i will bug my aunt when i see her next time because she is a walking dictionary of these curses.

  4. Samar Minallah:

    How about some personal mean remarks like 'shoondath' (thick lipped), 'toalya saray' (someone with tight curls), 'Peesh' (green eyed), pairyanai (evil spirit)

    Jehan Zeb:

    These Kharay r regularly used with full outburst by in our home by my learned wife but the children have just fun with it.

    Zaan Sharma, Qaam sahrma, Kherana, Khachana, ChaKhana, Chopara

    Yassar Khattak:

    My granda used to tell me "jam botal ke loyay shaway ye" (uve grown up inside a jam bottle!), which meant we were too soft! That was always after I'd cry if I even scratched my knee! May Allah bless her soul! Ameen!

  5. RK:

    Takoo darpara rashaa.

    May epidemic come for you(people).

    Pa Golow suray shay.

    Charmaree shay.

    Gudree Shay.

    May you be riddled by bullets.

    Pa Zaan akhta shay.

    May you get busy with urself. To fall sick or fall in ones own problems.

    Tora Shay.

    Used For Girls. May her immorality/promiscuity become public.

    Spuck Shay.

    May you be disrespected.

    Toray Goolay da ookhra.

    May you be eaten by black bullets.

    Da Zmakay khurdaan shay.

    May you become fodder of the earth ie die.

    Khay wrazay na pa sung ter shay or Khay wrazay makh oomaaksay.

    May you never see days of happiness.

    Pa makh ta tora bala sha.

    Wishing you very bad luck.

    Roagh ramashay.

    May you not return safe.

    Zaa eer shay.

    May you be held by grief.

    Waino khorak shay.

    May you be eaten by termites.

    Barbaad shay.

    May you become broke by all means.

  6. Shireen Ahmed:

    I love this post. Made me laugh. Probably a bit too much! Wish I had this list in Peshawar as a small child. Would have made life far easier and less beatings if I understood the curses and didn't just repeat them!


    Raghbarg ma shay / Khudai day raghbarg ma ka..
    may you not return safely..

    Lol Shanu, it's a brilliant post. They say, since mothers issue khairay our of habit, theirs is usually ineffective but one should always be careful not to "azaar" their fathers becuase when fathers issue khairay, they do out of total helplessness and such khairay reach the heavens and strike back the one they are issued to. (LOL)


    pa bomb suray she, qabr she, zama da sara sadaqa she, qiyamat she, khudai de wakhla,

  7. Anonymous:

    Gaday bacheeay (daughter of a sheep...for being stupid). spakay (disrespected). bay-wajieeay(in urdu phooar, someone who is not trained in domestic chores)

    Taimur Khan:

    uch-saTTay (skinny). bundle-ee (braggart). Tunaalee (druggie). khazonak=jeenoTaare (effeminate).

    Sahibzada Shabir Ahmad:

    Lovely one of the very innovative and beautiful blog i have ever read, this blog took me back to my Peshawar my village and every where in Khyber PukhtunKhwa
    i specially liked "tor makaa" and "Matazee Lara shee"

    btw the i also remember a younger brother saying to her elder sister
    "Ta Khuda zer wada ka che khlas shoo darna"

    Saifullah Ghaffar:

    ok some latest addition to my khairey vocabulary by my aunt who is a high school principal is Thandar shrhakkay - dunno what exactly does it mean though. another modern kinda khaira used by my cousin sisters is Khuday de pa chinchi riksha


    khudae di pa salooro assano ghuta ka :P, totay totay me ghwashtaee yeh da khudaya , toor shedaya,richay richay say, khudaee di dwari khatta ka , tar shnay (Blue) laraee landi say,da shin asman pa barakat di khudaee rasa wakha, khudaee di dar par ra wadarawa i use to remember these :D kunatawara (fat guy ) staraee stumana say


    Fascinating stuff and totally hilarious in parts. But thanks for sharing these, because I have many Pakhtun male friends on facebook and one or two of these sayings might come in handy at some stage. lolx Angel

  8. Is there any research being done on swearwords and slangs in Pashto?

    1. I'm not sure at all and haven't looked into it. If you find something, please do let me know - I'd be interested to take a look.

  9. Damn it 😂
    these swearing words in pashto are so damn funny 😅😅😅 Mostly my mum use for me is "de spe lore" :| hehe


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