Saturday, July 11, 2009

SAHAR Magazine

SAHAR - The Voices of Pashtuns is an e-magazine produced and edited by Azra Nafees. It consists of writings by Pashtuns, regardless of their age, location, creed, etc. Its first issue was out in June and can be accessed through here; its second issue was in July and can be accessed, along with future issues, through this link.
Further, Azra's message to Pashtuns regarding Sahar can be seen at this link. (The magazine was formerly called Sabawoon.)

Now, as we are fairly new, we need more writers and readers. I'm writing this here to ask my readers to spread the word around. If you know any (Pashtun) writers or are one yourself, please have your piece(s) sent to Sahar at It is a great way for Pashtuns to come together for the same cause, to get a good start towards uniting our race, to raise our voices loud enough so that we can be heard universally, and -- last but not least -- to discover talent among Pashtuns! :)

As for the topics, as long as they are related to Pashtuns (our history, politics, geo-politics, economy, society, current affairs, culture, war/peace, leadership, etc., etc.), they are more than welcomed and appreciated. Pashto writing is also encouraged, whether written in the Pashto alphabet or transliterated. All forms of writings are acceptable as well, from articles to essays to poetry to prose. If you can think of something else, that'll be fine, too, I'm sure ;) Of course, it would have to go through Azra, who'd have to okay it, but as long as it's well-written and is "appropriate" enough for the magazine, it's all good. And if it's not accepted for one issue, it's most likely because it was turned in too late for that issue and will then certainly be considered for the next one. But in Azra's words to me, "Everyone is going to get their turn."

Anyway, Sahar thanks you in advance for your support and contribution! We look forward to hearing your voices, Pashtuns!

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