Pashtun Leaders

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  1. Gulalai Ismail? are you kidding me? the girl is a thief!

  2. This is interesting and could be productive in realization. I could not find some very phenomenal personalities in the academic and literary. for example Pashto literature and history is incomplete without the great Dost Muhammad Khan Kamil sb (1915-1981) who is rightly considered man of the century (20th) by sobur literary circles. His work on Khoshal baba and Rehaman Baba is still the most inspiring. Kamil sb as recognized by many including Ajmal Khattak, Qalandar Momand and Hamesh Khaleel has no match in the field of research about Pasto history and literature.
    Some of the Printed works of Dost Mohammad Khan Kamil include:

    1. On a Foreign Approach to Khushal (English),
    2. Divan-e-Khushal Khan Khattak (preface), Ist Ed. 1952, 2nd 1960.
    3. Divan-e-Sikandar Khan Khattak (preface), Ist Ed. 1953, 2nd Ed. 1958.
    4. Rahman Baba, Ist Ed. 1958, 2nd ND.
    5. Tareekh-e-Morassa of Afzal Khan, 1975. Kamil wrote notes for the work, which are almost double of the original text.
    6. 1630 AD, the book is about several important happenings of the year
    7. Da Fikroono Dewe (Pushto poetry of Kamil) edited and introduced by Hamesh Khalil, December 1993.
    8. Khushal Khan Khattak, 1951.
    9. Pa Rahman Baba Yau Neway Kitab – the article was published in monthly Lar, Peshawar, August 1959.

    I suggest he should be picked for personality of the week.
    Beside many name Qalandar Momand, Hamza Baba, Afrasyab Khttak, Hamesh Khalil, Sayed Taqweemul Haq Kaka khel, Pir Muhammad Karwan, Samandar Khan Samandar, Darvesh Durani, Habib Ullah Rafi and 5 stars of Afganistan must be there in the list.

    Aamir Gamaryani Nokar
    aamir.gamaryani (skyp)

  3. you must add sportsman category also.

  4. Aah... I agree with what is listed.. they all are indeed leaders of Pashtuns.. but you missed such a respected and globally renowned leader of Pashtunkhwa... Fakhr e Afghan aka Bacha Khan (Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan)... He was also very much supportive of equal rights for women and girls in Pashtun society

    1. Thanks for your comment, Zaheer gwala!
      I have written about him already, so he's listed among the four people at the top :)

  5. Ahmed Raza Khan make me feel proud of being Pashtun,for his numerous activites for Islam in India

  6. I am Proud of Great Actor of India flim Industries Yusuf Khan

  7. Great post. I think it would've great, though, if you had added Malalai Joya to the list. She's one of the bravest and most admirable Pashtun women's leaders ever. Her work is really inspiring; as a former member of parliament and activist, she's done things which most men wouldn't be able to do!

    1. Thank you, Rania!
      I'm surprised I didn't include Malalai Joya on the list. I'll do so now. Thanks for nothing :)


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