Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear Readers, I've Moved to Wordpress

Dear beloved readers,

I've decided to switch over from this blog to Wordpress (the new link is - mainly because I've received multiple complaints from multiple readers that their comments are often not published by Blogger (and I never receive/see them) or that they have difficulty commenting there. This can be quite frustrating when you write a long, detailed comment. My sincerest apologies, both from me and especially on behalf of Blogger, to those of you whose voice was never or rarely heard on my blog because of this technical issue!

And, so, here I am, transferring over some of the more important blog posts from here to Wordpress. I will no longer be writing anything new here. Please see the new link for updates :)  

Can't lie and say I am absolutely loving it at Wordpress, though. I actually don't feel at home there so far, and I miss Blogger already. But I feel like Wordpress is more promising and I can thrive there more easily, heeee.
Hi.I'm not going to delete this blog or even export all of the posts from here; it'd be a lot of painful work changing and fixing the links as they're transferred over here. I will transfer over only a few of the fairly important ones, particularly those that are a part of continuing series that I started ages ago and that I'm too busy/lazy to work on consistently, like the Pashtun Leaders and the Pashtun Marriages series. These posts may just be lifetime projects - and I'm okay with that.

So, yeah, from now onward, I'll be updating the new blog.

Thanks for your readership and loyalty! I wish you peace, goodness, happiness, love, and all other things beautiful, aameen!

~ the q

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