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The Preacher's Appeal

Those who know about Zakir Naik, please share your thoughts on why you think he appeals to such a large group of Muslims. What about him do you think attracts these people, whether it's temporarily (as in the case of those who love him at first and then stop following him after a while for whatever reasons) or permanently?

Please share your thoughts (this feels like a repetition, but I don't have time to look above and change it. hmph). I need 'em desperately for my thesis 'cause a section of it is dedicated to his audience.

Anything you have to say will be greatly appreciated.

For those who don't know him, or don't know much about him, he's an Indian in his mid-40s who is a medical doctor by training but has gained a reputation as a "scholar of Islam" (and other religions) because of his lectures on Islam. Just type his name in Youtube, and you'll get a ton of his lectures. You may also check the following links for more information.

Zakir Naik
Zakir Naik on Women in Politics
I Love Zakir Naik (.com)
Why Muslims Hate Zakir Naik So Much
Some comments about him

Thank you in advance for your input, folks! They're much needed -- and desperately so!


  1. aii ya yaaa! where do I start! I think you know my thoughts on this but in addition to that i'll let you know why I "initially" got hooked onto listening to his lectures.

    in my personal case, 1) my lack of islamic knowledge was to blame.

    2) i only saw him talking to masses and it makes a psychological difference when you visualise someone talking to a huge audience as compared to a small one, you somehow think the person knows his/her stuff and must be correct!

    3) his rapid quotes of verses and chapters of religions is attractive.

    4) he gives examples that are logically correct, and if you have limited knowledge of religion you would automatically fit those in place. it's only later when you think a little more that you realise they aren't really appropriate for the scenario he's just talked about!

    5) people like me are generally a lazy bunch, they don't care about checking up on his rapid quotes and "facts" and find it easier to believe the person who's apparently already done the hard work, so they prefer to just listen and believe!

    and probably more reasons at the back of my mind but these are the obvious ones.

  2. I believe he is a good Muslim and he is trying his best to promote Islam but perhaps, this is not what you want to hear from us.

  3. Hi, anonymous!
    Welcome to my blog, and thank you for comment!

    Well, that answer would work if he was simply the only one doing this; then it'd make perfect sense. But he's not the only one, and we got like hundreds of others. But it's his name that pops to the average Indian/Pakistani Muslim mind when she/he hears of "Muslim scholar" or "Islamic scholar," you know?

    However, you can certainly elaborate on that, and maybe it could serve as a great enough reason. For instance, what makes him appear like a good Muslim? There are many, many "good Muslims" in this world, so why's he on the spotlight? And how does he promote Islam? I think this latter question is mostly what I'd like to hear the answer to.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hina!! The whole talking to a laaaaaaaaaarge crow instead of a small one makes perfect sense! You're right that it'd have a psychological impact on viewers, especially if we try to put ourselves in his shoes, being watched by that many thousands of people and we feel like such cowards -- that alone is enough for many to respect him.

    I'd forgotten about his rapid quotes and verses! Another one, yes! And... did you know that he's not always right in quoting? :p No one verifies them, clearly. Really sad. What's worse, he often makes up names of people and books when trying to convince his audience that a certain "theory" (like evolution!) is "wrong" and another certain "theory" (like the Big Bang) is "proven correct." In my paper, I show several examples of how he makes up names, books, hadiths, etc. to make a point.

    Thank yooou!!

  5. i have seen him on TV. he looks well read. sorry haven't paid attention!

  6. I used to like him a lot, when I was first considering converting to Islam, but I kinda just stopped listening to his speeches, as I grew more interested in studying for myself.

    Like Hina also mentioned, he seemed to know a lot, I was so so impressed by his ability to just spit out quotes and references (and I never bothered to check his references either, alas).

  7. Thanks, folks, for sharing your thoughts!

    SEPO, that's true! He does look well-read, and that's one of things that others are attracted to him for.

    Becky, it's the whole memorization thing, yep! When I first heard of him, I remember being hooked on to Youtube for his lectures just for that!

  8. i think the fact that hes very pro education for women too gets alot of peoples attention. and he talks about womens rights alot too.

  9. Hi, Anonymous!
    Thanks for your input! I agree; I think that has a lot to do with it. Heck, that's the main reason I was totally in love with his lectures at first, lol. I thought he was the best example of a Muslim feminist :p

  10. Mr Naik is a best example of Narcissistic muslim mind set.He is not a genuine scholar at all,rather a researcher, and referral man with strong memory...The end product of his preaching is 'munazira based competition with other religions in which he (already in mind and thoughts)win the comparative competition of religions.He is narrow mined proudy muslims..Though he wear modern dress but in thoughts and belief he is the same old, medieval,mulla mentality man...He has no critical mind and research guts..His all knowledge is based on traditional and exaggerative history of Islam..He is narrow and biased towards women folk in religion...He consider himself and his studies Absolute perfect and give them a level of Decree..He is the chain of Ahmad dedaat...If he is so fond to be called and publicized as an Islamic scholar,Before going to other details,He should have critical research on Islamic History and Ahadiths....I dnt agree with his ''solution for humanity' slogan...He is the preacher of Shafi brand of Islam of King Saudia...

  11. Nawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzz!!! :D Thank you for your long and beautiful comment!!! Bless you! I'm gonna be copying or at least paraphrasing your thoughts on Naik and including them in everything I write on Naik for the rest of life ;) Manana!!

  12. He is a student of comparative religions...
    he is best thats why no christian scholar can stand in from of him as he has beaten so many. even he has challenged pope but nobody has the guts to stand in from of him.
    you all foolish and clever want him to interpret they way you like.
    its just your foolish thinking

  13. Hello, and welcome to my blog, Em!
    Thank you for visiting and providing your insight! Much appreciated.

  14. I liked him at first...but then I saw some lecture of his about women in work or something and about logic and women or so and I started being a little wary. Then I saw an article on him...kinda portrayed him to be well...not so great. The comments on the article were mostly also not exactly in his favour. but fact is they made sense. And he's against sufi's for some reason. Anyway he seems more like a wahabi fundamentalist or something funded by saudi's...who knows. He was introduced to me by my aunt I think,but probably she was most probably mislead by the same reasons others have mentioned.Um nice to make your aquaintance qrratugai? I came here through Pashtun forums lol debating making an account. Agh I hope you don't think I'm stalking :D

  15. Hi, Anonymous!
    Thank you for dropping by and commenting! No, I don't feel like you're stalking me, lol.

  16. haha no problem..


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