Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Persian Skit!

My first Persian Skit :D (We'll be having them bi-weekly! How excitingggg!!!) The theme for this one was shopping.

Background: an 80-year-old couple

Me, yelling at my partner (husband): Azeezam! Azeezam! [Azeezam = my darling, honey, baby, etc.] Come see this.
Him: Coming! [a moment later] Oh God, you’re on the computer again. You know we don’t know how to use this machine, azeezam.
Me: I am looking for a dress for our granddaughter’s wedding.  What color do you think this is? [pointing and staring closely at the screen]
Him, getting closer to the screen: I think it’s blue … no, it’s green, actually.
Me: Na. It is white.
Him: No, no, azeezam. It is gray.
Me: It’s orange. Ah, yes, it’s orange!
Him: It doesn’t matter what color it is; it’s ugly.
Me: It’s not ugly! And I’m buying it.
[Reaching for the phone.]
Me: What number is that? Is that a 5?
Him: No, that’s a 4, azeezam. And that’s 7.
Me: And that one is 3.
[We eventually dial the correct number and reach the shop.]
Me: I want that orange dress. How much is it? [To my partner]  It’s $5,000.
Him: We don’t have that kind of money! $2000. We’ll buy it for $2,000.
Me: We don’t have that kind of money. We’ll buy it for $2,000. [after a while] Uh-huh... Yes ...  Okay. Yes, 5,000 is good.
Him: No, azeezam. 5000 is not good. 2000.
Me: 5000 is not good. 2000. [after a while] yes, okay. Uh-huh. Yes. 5000 is good.
Him: Give me the phone, azeezam. [Into the phone] We don’t have $5000. We want it for 2000. [after a moment] uh-huh. Yes, okay. Okay. Yes, $5000 is good ... Bye.


  1. This is really cute. So, you had to say the dialogues in Farsi, right?

  2. Thanks, folks! :D
    Yes, Rukhpar Mor! :D It's in Farsi.

  3. marhaba!!!

    exciting indeed and the theme is cute!!


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