Saturday, July 12, 2014

More good Iftar food

I'm sorry if this sounds arrogant and all, but I really don't mean to imply at all that I'm more well-fed than anyone else out there.  I understand that more people in this world go hungry daily and many starve to death, and this isn't fair to anyone at all - but I suspect that  those who have access to internet are most probably not suffering from a lack of food. Still, my well wishes to everyone out there!

Alhamdulillah for all this food and these opportunities to try out iftar with generous local Omanis.

It's almost iftar time here, and I'm starving, so. A couple of days ago, I was invited for iftar to a friend's house, and I just might have had the best harees (traditional popular Omani dish) yet! We also had a great pasta dish and lots of halawiyaat (sweets). As is the tradition here, we went over to visit the family's relatives after iftar, and thank God for big families - I got to talk a lot and meet more wonderful people AND!!! I got to feel like I was fascinating enough for children to sit around me and marvel at my existence. Bless. Hamdallah for good humans, hamdallah for Ramadhan.
Before iftar, we were shown around the house and because of my obsession with houses, especially Omani houses, I was granted permission to take photos and post them on my blog. So here. Foods in the end.

Three families live in this area in three separate houses. Those buildings... mashaAllah.

They have spacious kitchens for a reason, mashaAllah.

Everything is so intricately design. Sorry for the bad lighting and all, but this is just the floor.

What appeared to be a library or office
The living room

The majlis, where male guests stay

The majlis

The food to break the fast with but not quite the meal yet

A room where female guests sleep
The food to break the fast with but not quite the meal yet

The best harees I've ever had. This was delicious.

Iftar food

It looks like gulab jaaman, but it's not. It's called luqaimah and is very much dif from a gulab jaaman

The foodz

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