Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Iftar (fast-breaking) with a local Omani family

Omanis continue to impress me with their unlimited generosity--and Omani women's cooking skills (OH MY GOD! MashaAllah alaihinna). Today, for iftar (fast-breaking), I went to the house of a family I have never met or visited before, but the woman who gave me and my friend a ride to her house turned out to be our institute director's sister. There was SO much food, SO much kindness, and SO much fun! After iftar, we talked and all, and then after taraweeh prayers (the long, voluntary prayers during the night prayer, performed only in Ramdhan) were finished at the mosque, several neighbors (women only) came over to visit - an Omani (commonly Muslim) tradition during Ramadhan where neighbors and relatives visit each other and eat some more. And talk loads, too. Today was a happy, happy day, hamdallah! Oman's being so good to me right now.

Pictures below.

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