Monday, June 30, 2014

Muslim generosity during Ramadhan in Oman

I have just experienced Muslim generosity at its peak. I'm so touched right now I feel like crying. God bless generous people!

Today, I heard about these tents that are set up with food for iftar (fast-breaking) all over for the poor and travelers and/or anyone else. And I decided to try out the one that's right next to where our little dorm is. So I go there, knowing that most of the people there will be South Asian/other immigrant men, but I had expected and hoped that there might be a little section for women as well. Well, there wasn't, and I almost came back when I asked if there were any women there and I was told no - and I think they were saying that the women are over at the mosque breaking their fast. But there was a man who was helping set up the food in the tent who said to me, "Wait, hold on, no problem!" And he set up a HUGE box of tons of bread, juice drinks, water, dates, and my personal favorite yogurt drink (laban in Arabic, shomley in Pashto). Then as I was returning, a car stopped and a kid came out of it with two boxes of halawiyaat (sweets). It was a beautiful moment. May God accept the prayers and fasts and all other good deeds of those who make it easy for those in need; may they and their families be granted peace and happiness in this world and the next, aameen

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