Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ibri, Oman, from the top of a mountain

We climbed up a mountain last Thursday. Left around 6:20pm in time to see a part of the sunset but also in time to leave the mountain before it got too dark. Our bus drive accompanied us. Near the end, when a couple of more students were still coming down the mountain, he said, "I'm scared for those girls. You know there are jinns here at night. It's a scary place to be at." He was so relieved when we all made it back just fine and safe. God bless him for caring.

So here are some pictures. 

The bottom-most part

Still close to the bottom, I think?

This is how the path was like.

Somewhat halfway through, I think

Still barely halfway through
The top-most part of the mountain

I think the top?

The view was really pretty.
Some of us. At top

A view from the edge! (Also top)

The top, edge-ish
Another edge


  1. Wow, mashallah. Awesome scenery!

  2. Beautiful.

    I need to see your picture. One similar to the picture you took in Swat. The rocks reminded me of that pic :)

    1. Ohhh, I love that photo, too! My cousin who took it clearly has good photography skills!


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