Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disneyland Parade (video) - Anaheim, California, March 2014

I went to Disneyland in March, and I made a few videos. I haven't shared any pics yet on the blog but I really should. Disneyland claims it's the happiest place on earth, and, besides the amount of money you've to spend while there, I agree that it really is the happiest place on earth :) I had a great time!

The parade is basically when they have all the famous Disney characters (including all the princesses) walk and dance around a specific path in the park; they ride little carts or cars or automobiles or whatever that are also themed. It's such a joy to watch! And the music ... omg. Music, of course, is the best thing in the world, so when it's loud and happy happy, it makes a person grin! 

Also, some readers can probably guess that I don't believe in princesses and other such crap. But honestly, I think Disney movies are the best in terms of their plots, except for the damsel in distress mindset and women needing saving by knights in shining armor. So glad and relieved that Frozen isn't like that.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

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