Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kashmala Playing on the Computer - "it's my graduation!"

This is my niece, Kashmala, playing on the computer when she was a month away from turning 3. Basically, what's going on is: "Gadulation" in Kashmala's (back then a little under 3 years old) language meant balloons, celebration, congratulations. We had just returned from a graduation ceremony and had taken balloons for the friend who was graduating, so Kashamala understood balloons = congratulations = graduation :) Isn't she adorable! God preserve her! In this video, she's playing a game on the computer, and it looks like a balloon pops up and that's why she says, "Gadulation!" 

Please say MashaAllah on her :) I tell her she's "the most important thing in my life," and she angrily responds: "I'm NOT A THING!" :) Hamdallah for feminism! The girl already knows the difference between being a thing or object and a human with value.

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