Friday, June 13, 2014

While at Frankfurt Airport ...

Flying into Oman from DC, we had a five-hour layover at Frankfurt airport. Since we left around 5pm, I couldn't sleep through the flight at all (plus, the seats aren't comfortable enough, what with barely any leg room and all), but I watched a couple of movies and some TV shows. It was about 8 hours to Frankfurt. So this is what happened.

With the 5-hour layover ahead of us, we (the group I'm with) decided to go to this restaurant to chill and maybe eat and all. A couple of girls and I were talking, discussing lots of important stuff like religion, politics, history and all, and the waiter comes to me after a couple of hours and goes with a lovely grin: "How long you been here?" I look at the girls thinking he's asking us to leave -- as in, "Seriously, will you people just leave because you're taking up space!" But he didn't say that; he was nice. Then he goes, still grinning: "Do you have a boyfriend?" I'm thinking he's hitting on me. Then he goes, with the same grin: "He must get lots of headaches! You are talking, talking, talking! Do you have a boyfriend?" Another grin. Then, of course, he goes, still grinning, needles to say, "I'm just kidding. I hope you're not angry at me." We all laughed. It was funny, so.

It became a joke in the group for some time afterwards, and we were still laughing about it until we finally left, and he'd see us talking about it and he'd laugh. 

The other folks at the airport I met and saw were also nice people. I wouldn't mind living in Germany when I grow up, inshaAllah.

Oh, and while at security, when leaving the gates area to get to the restaurant, I put my hair in a little bun because it was hot, and my friend commented that I'd made such a perfect bun. I go, "Really? It doesn't feel like it. But thanks!" And this security guy goes, "Yeah, it's okay." And in the U.S., when we say, "it's okay," we mean, "meh, it's not bad ... but it's certainly not great, either." So I thought that's what he meant, too. My friend and I laughed, and I teased, "Geez, some people are so stingy with compliments!" And he goes, "But I said it is okay! It is very okay!" And I got what he meant and went, "Ahhh, got it, thanks!" LOL.


Dare to opine :)

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