Friday, February 17, 2012

Zakir Naik on Polygamy - a clip from his lectures

This isn't the full video, but this is what I'm to show at my conference tomorrow to give my audience an idea of who he is and what his lectures are like, since I think this particular lecture of his is very representative of his method of preaching.

My favorite part is when he claims that the ONLY two options available to women (in countries where there are more women than men, which is all countries except India and China) are to marry married men OR become public property, in a scenario where all men are married and over 8 million women in New York are left alone and lonely and sad and without husbands and stuff.


EDIT (Feb. 29th, 2012):

This video is an edited version of an 8-min long clip from one of his lectures where he defends polygamy and goes on and on - but the presentation I had to give couldn't exceed 20 mins, so I couldn't make it all about his lecture style alone. I am and was, at the time of the presentation, more interested in the problem of religious authority, the competition for authority among different groups of authority figures in Islamic thought since classical Islamic times, and which group seems to have earned the followers and why. Preachers have generally been the winners (since they're accessible), but I wanted to narrow my focus to just one case, a case that hasn't entered academia just yet, a case that I myself was once blown by (in a good way), a case that continues to be an influence to millions of South Asian Muslims, both inside the region and abroad. I made this clip because it's a totally different thing to be just "talking" about what Zakir Naik is like and to actually "show" what he's like. And I wanted to show my audience what his lecture style was like, what he considers to be a "logical" answer, what he seems to consider "gender equality" (since he claims women and men are equal in Islam but doesn't at all show that with the way he portrays women as), and how he absolutely *has* to put Islam against the west in virtually all of his answers -- as if to assume that the two are mutually exclusive, which they are not.

I can't stand Zakir Naik and not necessarily because of his lecture style. As for polygamy, I'm all up for it. Unlike Zakir Naik, however, I don't believe that if a Muslim is a "good Muslim woman," she'll allow her husband to bring another wife home! What the hell? (In this same lecture -- or is it in another of his answers to polygamy? I can't quite remember -- but, once he finishes explaining the greatness of polygamy, he goes on to add that the "good Muslim woman" will allow her husband to have another wife besides her and that only the selfish one will not. What kind of message does this send that Muslim woman who, while supporting polygamy, doesn't want to live a polygamous marriage herself?)


  1. Ufffff....can this man get any more irritating! How oh how do so many people listen in such rapt attention and awe of him :-/ He gloats in this self-righteousness and pretends to be such a humble, modest man who is pnly concnerned with 'saving' the women.

    Anyway...what is this conference you're presenting at? How was the response?

  2. HAHAHAHA, check out the video still. Walk like an Egyptian, Doc Zak!

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies :D

    Pri! Exactly - a self-righteous "logical, scholar" who's interested in saving us poor, innocent women -- from the evils of the infidel, infidel west!

    The response was great! :) People seemed to have enjoyed it very much, and there was a great discussion afterwards (always a good sign). My thesis was on the conflict of religious authority in the modern world, and I discussed how Zakir Naik contributes to the competition for authority, who his audience is, why they follow him, what his lecture style is like and how that adds to his appeal, and so on. So I figured I should actually present this somewhere. The thesis itself is over 80 pages long, though, so what I presented at the conference was barely a portion of the study. The other portions, I'll be presenting elsewhere whenever/where relevant.

    Sabbah, LOL! You baaaaaaad, girl! :p I've to agree that the still image is fun to look at, though!


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