Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Heteros and the Homos - and no one in between

(Pre-post: My next 10 blog posts are to be under 500 words. This is the first among them, which means I will have to divide them into different parts when they are on a serious topic that takes longer than 500 words to be explained or discussed. But I will certainly read and re-read and re-re-read all my posts in the future to see if they can be limited to 500 words.)

Ever noticed that every time anti-homosexual people talk about homosexuals, their perverted minds instantly imagine their “being intimate” with each other?  (I prefer “being intimate with each other” to avoid using the more blunt phrase, which will invite viewers to this blog looking for that kind of information.) Here’s how it works: two heterosexuals can get married and the last thing on someone’s mind might be what happens inside their bedroom. But talk about two homosexuals, and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind, especially the Muslims and others who are against homosexuality, is: “Oh my God. Ew, how are they going to … ‘have babies’?”

In other words:

Two people of the same gender – different races, different religions, different nationalities – can fall in love and discuss marriage and being together, but hell if anyone gives a damn about their intimate activities or the passion that the two might enjoy. But talk about two people of the same genders, and the issue is primarily about intimacy and the apparent “absurdity” of being intimately, passionately involved with someone of the same gender. Why, I mean seriously, WHY, would anyone be ludicrous enough to indulge in the folly called homosexual love? Right?

P.S. Understand that I’m not interested in telling the world what I think of homosexual people or whether I disagree or agree with what they do together, just like I’ll refrain from discussing what I think of heterosexuals and what they do together. But I do intend to write soon on homosexuality in Islam, as a review of a book of the same title written by Scott Kugle, published in 2010. And then there, we can talk about Islam's positionsss on homosexuality, from different perspectives.

Word Count (excluding the pre-post): 299. SUCCESS!!!! :D Shukraaaannnn, shukran, mananaaaaaa, thank yoooou, mehrabaniiiii, merciiiii!!


  1. I'm glad you're tackling this topic. A slight correction, though: homosexual couples are two people of the same sex, not necessarily the same gender.

  2. Good catch, Z.! Thanks!
    I'm trying to avoid using the word "sex" as much as possible on this blog, haaa haaa! But I'll go ahead and make a note of it in future posts on the topic so that my readers understand that I acknowledge the difference between gender and sex.

  3. I'll be waiting for this next post because you're sort of my muallimah.

  4. LOLOLOL, Sabbah!!! You so fuuunnny! AstaghPirullah, as we say in Pashto!


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