Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharmeen Obaid's Oscar-Winning Documentary, "Saving Face"!

Yeppieeee!! This is a good, GOOD day for Pakistan! Sharmeen Obaid won the Oscar for her documentary "Saving Face," appearing to be the first Pakistani to win such an accolade! A trailer of the documentary can be seen here below.

Lots of people wonder why it's considered an award for Pakistan when Pakistan played no role in her documentary. This is absolutely true - Pakistan has nothing to do with it, and it deserves no credit for this greatness. But I think at times like today and yesterday and at least half of tomorrow when all that seems to be emerging from Our Darling Pakistan seems to be stupidity like Maya Khan's moral policing or the murdering of innocent people liberally accused of heresy and blasphemy, one can't resist seeing such brilliance as "Saving Face" coming outta Pakistan, all through the hands of one female documentary-maker. Bravo to Sharmeen!

The best thing I feel right now is that she and I have a mutual teacher :D Yayyy!!! One of my teacher in undergrad used to talk to me about her, and now, seeing this, I feel so great, even though I have nothing to do with this, #BIGhaha :D

k, here's the trailer. Enjoyerz!!

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