Thursday, February 16, 2012

The "What I'm Actually Doing" Trend on the Internet

 LOL. So, recently, there's this new phenomenon on the Internet (I just loooove how the "Sh*t White Girls Say" video turned into an Internet sensation, and now you can find something similar for every religious, ethnic, gender, etc. group! It's beautiful to see everyone uniting and influencing each other in such a witty way.) This new one, though, the "What I'm actually doing," "What I actually/really do," "What I really am" theme is even better, I think: it clears up so many misconceptions and is just a small pictorial representation of a person or group of people or an idea. Below are some of my most favorite photos of the theme. 

More in a bit! Lemme know if you find cool ones, too. I'll put 'em up here.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog. So expressive. Shahnaz you are doing a wonderful job..Really proud of you


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