Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stephen Colbert on the Norwegian Terrorist

LOL. This guy's brilliant!!! I can't get over it, man!
Here, take a look at his views on this ... oh how I love the way he spreads the truth and the way he mocks the media! He's so clever, so smart, so honest, so funnny!! God preserve him.

Oh, and I have a long blog post coming on this whole Norwegian attack thingie, but I'll have to wait until I can actually edit and post it. But do take a look at this quote (in addition to the video below):
If the person who killed 100+ people in Norway were Muslim, the Press would have declared him as a terrorist. For now though, he is just an 'Assailant ', 'Attacker' (Reuters), 'Gunman' (BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera). Looks like 'Terrorist ' is a name reserved for Muslims? The US Dept of State calls it an 'Act of Violence', Not an 'Act of Terrorism'.

Talk about the hypocrisy of the media!

P.S. Ramadhan mubarak to the whole world!!! Best wishes for a beautiful year to all!


  1. In Denmark (and probably also in Norway) it IS actually being called a terror attack, the victims are called victims of terror, and the assailant is called a terrorist.

    This once again goes to show the bias of the INTERNATIONAL media is greater than the more 'local' media. The Scandinavian media were also less inclined to deem it a Muslim plot before the terrorist was apprehended (unlike most of the international media).

    But you are SO right, it's a HUGE issue, and it PISSES ME OFF when I see international media treating it this way.

  2. Hi, Becky!
    So relieved to hear that the bias doesn't appear in Denmark! Thanks for letting me know :)


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