Friday, July 15, 2011

I Was at the Dead Sea!

Dearest readers,
So, a friend and I went to the Dead Sea and a number of other historically and religiously significant points of the Middle East, and OH. EM. GEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really, really tired right now (it's 12am here), so I can't write much, but I had, had, HAD to get this off my chest :) You understand. It's just ... I'd been waiting since foreeeever!! And I saw a mountain where Moses (peace be upon him) gave his last speech and the parta the Dead Sea I saw was the one facing Israel, so that was exciting, too! And the part of the Moses mountain that I saw was facing Palestine, and that, my beloved friends, was a feeling to cherish! And then I saw the part of the River Jordan that's right across from the West Bank (Palestinian Territory), so that, too, felt rrrrreally awesome. I mean, I got in the water and "almost" touched another country, LOL. It felt beeeautiful being in two places at once, y'know.

k, more on all this later. I must sleep now.
Thanks for listening!

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