Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got my nose pierced!!

So, I got my nose pierced, people! It's sooo exciting! The extremely low prices were too irrisistable, though I'd have gotten it no matter the cost, since I've been wanting it for years! I don't know why I never actually got it done before, but thank God I didn't -- 'cause they're bloody expensive in the U.S. I believe a nose piercing is at least 15 dollars in the U.S. whereas *all* piercings here are barely 3 dinars (plus a dinar for service/tip, but they charge you that themselves), including belly piercings, damnit! Belly piercings in the U.S., for example, are 50 dollars ... and to think they're only 4 here :( ... but, hey, ma'lish! :D

k, that's all, folks! :)  It's just, this nose piercing was rrreally important to me! Oh, and I think traditionally (Pakistanis/Indians, etc.) get it done it on their left nostrils... and that suggests you're being traditional. Although I would have had no problem getting it on the left one, I wanted to be, um, "different" (:|) and got it on the right one instead :p Whaaaaaat, doesn't the right side of everything represent goodness and everything good/positive in Islam?! Yeah, well, to all the goodness that I'm to experience after today, then :)

I'll show you photos of my nose (LOL! This sounds so funny) some other time, k? Haven't taken any yet.


  1. Okay! :D Will do, prolly tonight or tomorrow, ka khairee. Oh, buuuutt ... it was a bit higher than where I wanted it to be, so I'm letting it close up and getting it done on the left side now :D Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. Heyyy lol do you remember me btw? xD I was gone for a while sorry girls, well I got the left one pierced, I once heard prostitutes pierced their right side therefore we should not do that but I got no clue about that, my friend also has her right nostril pierced :P

  3. Hey, Sultana! Long time, girl :) Thanks for dropping by again, and of course I remember you, lol.


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