Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pashtuns, Social Networks, and Gender Empowerment

I knew I'd one day write something on my online experiences -- how they've empowered me as a woman and as an individual -- but I didn't know I'd ever write anything academic on it! But after some long discussions about it with a professor of mine for a Gender Studies course, we agreed this would be a great project.

I'll explain the significance of the study in the paper (and eventually on this blog), but I can say this at the moment: I'm interested in how Pashtuns use the Internet, particularly social networks (including discussion forums and blogs), to empower themselves and other Pashtuns. I've observed that blogging has been especially empowering for the few Pashtun women bloggers I know. I initially considered focusing only on Pashtun women bloggers/users of social networks, but I've come across many Pashtun men who share the predicaments of Pashtun women, the social pressures, the frustrations, the anger, and they, too, need to be heard. Unfortunately, I know of very few Pashtuns (whether women or men) who blog on social justice or gender issues, whether in their daily lives or in the Pashtun community, particularly among the diaspora.

What I need your help with: First, forward me the links of any Pashtun bloggers you know. I'm particularly seeking Pashtuns who discuss social issues or gender matters, but for the time being, others would do as well. Second, I have a few (5 or so) questions that I'd like Pashtun bloggers to answer about blogging or how they use social networks and what they achieve from them, and I'd deeply appreciate if you contact me at qrratugai@gmail.com to get those questions and send me answers at your convenience. Also, please help me spread the word. :)

Meanwhile, I will be exploring and analyzing the blogs of the people I have listed here to see what I can gather from their blogging activities. This list, however, doesn't yet have any male bloggers, and I am searching for those right now.

Many, many thanks for your help and support!

~ qrratu

P.S. I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns about the study vial e-mail.


  1. Respected Ma'm,

    I appreciate your step toward gender empowerment and specifically women. i will help you out, my field is promoting, marketing and creating word of mouth. but did you mean pukhtoons of both regions.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! Yes, I'm looking for Pashtun bloggers, male or female, of any region, location, origin - as long as they identify themselves as Pashtun.

  3. Well one of my friends suggested me this site... All i can say is "best of luck" its a good step towards something positive.
    Hikmat zia


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