Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Options for a New Blog Link?

Dear readers,

As I mentioned on the FB page and on Twitter, I'm contemplating changing the URL of this blog because "qrratugai" is too difficult to pronounce even for many of my Pashtun readers (it's a Pashto term for "the little ranter," and now the gai ("the little") is finally starting to bug me). It made sense when I first started this blog, back in January 2009, since I didn't think I'd discuss so many serious issues as I do now. But now it doesn't make sense. Even if it did make sense, I'd wanna change it primarily because I want my non-Pashtun readers to be able to spell and pronounce it when they're typing it in the address bar.

BUT! This doesn't mean I'm getting rid of the name "qrratu." I'll always be the only "qrratugai" on the Internet (BIG GRIN), and that will always be special to me :D I'll still always be the only "qrratu" on the Internet, but it's time to move on from "qrratugai" to something more simpler and easier to pronounce and spell.

And another reason I need to replace "qrratugai" with another word in the URL is that it looks like I get a lot of viewers to this blog whenever they're looking for something Pashtun/Pukhtun/Pashto/Pashto-related, and I wonder what they think as soon as they see the URL! ONE another reason is that ... well, I'll be discussing my blog in some academic studies I hope to pursue, and, well, I obviously want people to remember the link and not have to search for it if they need or would like to (re-)visit it.

And yet another reason is that I plan to make this an actual website, with a domain name and all. So I need to make sure I got a good name/word for that link then.

So! I've been getting lots of great suggestions for a new URL, and I'm going to share them here so you guys can vote on which word/phrase you think would make best for the kinda blog this is. I'm most leaning toward the first choice as of now ... what y'all think? I know it's an English phrase, but it doesn't matter to me which language the word/phrase is in as long as it reflects the content and style of my blog.

Here's the list I've gathered thus far. Remember, we're trying to replace "qrratugai" in the original link with any of the following (or any other suggestions).

  • freedomFromtheForbidden  (title of one of my poems)
  • mubariza (mubariza = struggle (feminine))
  • sabawun (sabawun = dawn, morning)
  • sargardaana (sargardaana = wandering)
  • daryaab (daryaab = ocean)
  • wanderingpashtana
  • nawyata (Nawyata= something unavailable or short of stock)
The below ones are taken! But I thank you guys' suggestions anyway :)

sula  (sula/sola = peace in Pashto)
asmi (asmi = Sanskrit for “I am” or “I exist”)
shna (shna = green (feminine) in Pashto
zala (zala = light in Pashto)
sahar (sahar = morning/dawn)
roshina (roshina = light spread over the world, in Pashto. Also, my nickname elsewhere)

Please vote below (or on the sidebar at the right).

Thank you for your feedback!

~ qrratu


  1. I like Sargardaana the best :)

  2. da khabara me na da khwakha, I think they all pale in comparison to qrratugai.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Siiiiighs, POA! I don't knoooooooww ... I feel like I "need" to change it! Clearly need to do some more thinking. (This is a big deal, you see!)

  4. go for latun .....

  5. Thanks, everyone! :)

    @ Anonymous, "" is already taken, too :(

  6. I loved Asmi the best(after all my choice lol. How about Seher? it means Dawn too.

  7. Orrrr Pehchaan? Btw, the ones in pashto are too difficult for me to remember. Unlike "qrratugai". Nawyata sounds quite fine too.

  8. Hiya!Just voted...I like the first two; the first one is kinda long but anyway, whatever the name, I am so enriched and empowered by stumbling upon your blog:-)

  9. Thank you guys, so, so very much, y'all!! Habbs, I know :( Asmi is such a great one, too! It's okay - I'll name my daughter that, no vaaaaries!

    I know some of the Pashto ones are still hard to remember :S I don't knooow - this is such a hard decision, I swear. It's like finding the perfect name for your newborn or soon-to-be-born, and you fear the negative consequences of choosing the wrong name, LOL.

    Priiiii! Thank you so much :) I am grateful for your readership! And when are yoooou going to start blogging? Hurryyyy upppp already!

  10. change the spelling for latun ...

  11. I've tried both Latun and Latoon, and neither's available :) For all of the words that are unavailable, I've tried more than a couple of possible spellings, and they're all taken. #SADsighs.

  12. Wandering Pashtana is good because it has an english word which makes it more accessible to non Afghan readers.

  13. Hey Qrrat!

    I like Wandering Pashtana the most; it has English in it to attract English speakers, and the Pashtana to attract Pashtuns! I also like the "wandering" aspect, for me it implies a self journey of knowledge, spirituality, discovering your inner self, love, life... I think we can all relate to that :D

    -Alborz :D

  14. Thank you so much, guys!
    Waheed and Alborz, I like that idea! That was a reason I considered that one as well. And that's also why I included both an English and a Pashto (sargardaana) for "wanderer."

    Thanks for your votes :D

  15. Lol...awwww someone noticed i dont blog on my blog!Well,to be honest Ive been a fairly reserved person all my life and much as I have so much to talk about considering all the things i feel and think about, Im still not sure of opening up about personal things yet! Anywayyy just to tell you who I am cos youve been so kind to ask and cos I like you through your blog posts, Im studying for my phd in politics and IR with a focus on conflicts and statist security in India. Im Indian,married a year ago,'changed' religions and have a lot to say about religion/Islam/who speaks for Islam/'my' sense of Islam or being Muslim or mixed etc etc etc! :-)

  16. I prefer qrratugai, you have a stamp on it and it's all yours. Stick to it maray!

  17. Pri, whenever you do decide to blog (though it doesn't have to be anything personal, of course), I look forward to reading it :)

    Hinooo ... I know, marey, I love this name, but, c'mon - all Pukhtuns know it's got too non-serious a tone to it! Who would expect to come here reading something serious? And I'm thinking more of my poor non-Pukhtun readers :p ... I don't know how to explain - we'll talk on it when we talk. All I know is that it needs to be changed to something that most people can easily spell and remember :)

    But I'll still paint it aaaaaallll over with "Da Qrratugai Qrrate" and QRRATUGAI so those who already know about it can still come to it when they'd like. :D

    So far, I must admit I like "wandering pashtana" too!


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