Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Sacred Aloneness

This poem may be read as Part II of "A Book of My Life" ... though I don't see it as such. This one has more history than any of the other poems I've ever written. And it's beautiful history.

EDIT May 25, 2012: *Like some of my other poems, I don't know what to title this, so this current title is temporary in case I get better suggestions.*

In Sacred Aloneness

My breath against yours,
Lost in the tenderness of the night,
In a heavenly embrace
It’s been too long, Love,
We’ve wronged ourselves
We’ve wronged each other
No, love did wrong us!
Wrap me in your embrace
As I tell you all my stories
And listen to all of yours
Sharing with you all the secrets I’ve hidden from all others
For too long
Telling you of all the hearts I’ve broken,
All the lies I’ve told and the truths I’ve hidden
All the lovers I’ve rejected, all the enemies I’ve invited
The self I’ve lost, the Self I’ve gained
Remember that book that glimmered with the word “Love”?
Which I’d offered only to you,
Which I’d accepted only for you?
Yes, our Story of Oneness.
Let me consume myself in you
Losing my breath in yours
Feeling your heartbeat against mine
With you, I feel happiness unknown to me elsewhere
It is only with you that my heart feels constant bursts of pleasure
And peace. And happiness.
Your every touch, your every breath, your every word --
Makes my body ache for more of you
I want to dance to you all night
To your heavy breathings,
With closed eyes, my hands in yours
My heartbeat against yours,
My lips tasting the sweetness of your lips
Celebrating our love,
Celebrating our union,
Celebrating our togetherness
In sacred aloneness
Inside the paradise we’ve created for ourselves
Where sin does not feel like sin
Don’t you see this glow?
It is the mark of love, of happiness, of pleasure
Don’t you see – we were always meant to be
So let Our Hearts rejoice in Love once more till eternity's impossible end!

March 10, 2012


  1. Very beautiful! I can't say how I enjoyed reading this poem. It has such sincerity in it.

  2. Malaaaaaaaliiii! Thank you so much :) God bless you!

  3. Ah!
    It stirred the poet inside me and hope to creat one like this in Pashto,
    Can compete with J. Keats,
    A master piece!!

  4. Thank you, Pal de Bakhtawar sha! That's really very generous of you to say! I doubt the poem can compete with Keats', but your thought sure does humble me :)

    Bakhtawar shai!

  5. I feel like I'm watching a movie with my parents and some sort of "ghalat" scene has suddenly started playing *stares blankly at the walls*. Kidding

    It's probably a good poem, I just can't appreciate it because I'm going through one of those love-is-a-lie phases, and this poem is suffocatingly lubby dubby *throws up*.

    I don't think I have an eye for poetry anyway.

  6. LOL, POA! Yeah, about that scene ... :p Sorries!

    Seeee? I told you this whole love-move thing doesn't exist, but, noooo, you were like, "Life is nothing without love," and stuff. Now you understand what I meant :) Though I sorry you're going through that phase. Happens, man, happens. Hang in there. Happens always only to the best of us!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Kha? I don't remember having that argument with you.. did I say that? no way! - by love I must have meant one sided love for forms of art not fairy tale rubbish between humans. Well I assume its a phase but it may as well be permanent.

    You don't have to thank me, 'tis always a pleasure.

  8. haaaa haaaa - it's possible you're not the Twitter guy I think you are :p I'll confirm! lawlz.

    I thought you/he meant love as in general love for humans, such as that between a parent and her/his child or between friends, but not between lovers. When people normally say "I don't believe in love," I assume they mean romantic love, the love shared by two humans who are attracted to each other and are "in love."

    I guess the question that may be asked is what exactly IS love? What does it mean to be in love with someone? But, of course, this won't have only one answer or a correct answer at all. I do look forward to writing something on my own idea of love versus Bollywood's idea of it :p

  9. Love is either a deadly intoxicant one that turns rational beings into feverous imbeciles, it leads men to see the good in women (or vice versa) and to ignore the bad only to come crashing to a halt when the spell finally wears off which it inevitably does at some point. It can lead to hate, jealousy - etc etc


    On the other hand love is something that makes men accomplish great deeds, self sacrifice and devotion. The rational artist can never hope to compete with the inspiration and drive of an impassioned medium, his works end up being mere mockeries of what people produce when they are enchanted by passion.

    Love is when the soul sprouts wings - (Phaedrus -Plato) And it sprouts wings in response to stimuli that mimic eternal truth, the forms that we worship subconsciously.

    When people say they don't believe in love they refer to paragraph 1 - and when they say everything depends on love they refer to paragraph 2. Both ideas are true , they cannot be discredited I suppose the kind of love one experiences depends on one's spirit and one's ability to control a horse that has no wings, or more aptly one's constitution.

    This won't make much sense if you don't love Aflatoon, how circular.

  10. I don't believe in eternal love. I'm desensitised. Lovely poem though, had my bucket on standby... (I kid!)

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Dare to opine :)

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