Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Videos of Kashmala

Dear everyone! :D

So, per the requests of some, I decided to go ahead and upload Kashmala's videos to Youtube and share them with y'all :D I'm still in the process of uploading them, but I have about three so far that are ready for your viewing.

In one of my favorite ones, she talks about how she said bye to the cat, but the cat didn't say bye back. My favorite part is when she's asked, "So, did you run away from the cat?" And she says, "No, Kashy didn't run away - she just came and sat here." And so, then he says, "hahaa, liar!" And she says, "No, I'm not a liar. Should I go get Mijee [my mom, her grandma]?" (I assume that's because my mom's been teaching her that lying is bad and stuff, so she wanted to tell her that she's been accused of lying, LOL.) This one's the most recent of all the ones I'm showing now. k, here:

And in this one, she sings a couple of lines from the Hindi song "Kaha ho tum (Zara avaaz do hum yaad karte hai)." Watch her laughing her head off at the mention of "bulbul," LOL.

And in this last one, she gets really excited about a school bus (she loves school buses!) and, by the time my nephew (her brother) shows interest in her mention of the school bus, it's apparently gone, and so she says, "School bus laaro - school bus Pakishaan ta laaro" (School bus is gone; it's gone to Pakistan), lol. And listen to her saying, "holaan" (hold on) ... It's so cute!!! Oh, and she also says, "Shake booty" in here ... I came from Jordan to hear her saying this, but fortunately, she's stopped now -- but, 'cause it's embarrassing, I cut that part off.

Anyway, more another day. Feel free to look for updates yourself on the channel.


  1. Awww mashAllah she is so adorable, even if I can't understand a word ;) Thank you for sharing!

  2. So glad you're still able to enjoy it, Becky :D Thanks for watching!


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