Friday, November 11, 2011

I Saw Him, and I Saw God

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Good Mourning to You

There’s this longing in my heart that won’t go away
I’m drenched in my tears and pain, in a mourning of you
There’s this pain in my heart that won’t go away
And I’m tearing apart, without you
Once, I was yours, you were mine,
There was lust, there was passion, there was love
You were my God, I was your Goddess
I was the melody, you were my voice
You were the body, I was your soul
I was your moon, you were my glow
And in sweet, eternal nights, we lay in love,
Veiled in waves of passion and of longing
Surrounded by sacred aloneness
And there was peace, peace in my heart
I'd see you, and I'd see God
I was complete in your being
I lived inside you, you lived inside me
Had I known our last kiss would be our last,
I would’ve held on to your lips till the death of eternity
Perhaps eternity has died
Because there’s this longing in my heart that won’t go away
And I’m smothered in a mourning for you

November 10, 2011

... This is volume two of Exodus of the Wretched Souls


  1. When someone lives in your mind and occupies your heart for ever being a source of beauty and joy for you and you cannot escape her memories because her memories and thoughts follow you like your shadow despite her physical absence then you are struck by love. This is the end of ambitiousness and selfishness as you happen to have found the most precious pearl of your life called love. Such is the state of heart’s loss mentioned in this touchy poem of this lady.

  2. Love is the aesthetic and acceptible form of insanity in my view so it is illogical to expect anything logical from someone in that state of mind.


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