Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pictures from Jordan - Part I: Um Qais

 For a history and geography of Um Qais, one of Jordan's most historic and cultural cities (heck, I think all of Jordan's cities can be considered historic and intellectual and cultural!), click here. My favorite part of Um Qais is this picture below, not just because of its view but more importantly because of its significance and status.

I'll try to add captions to the rest of the pics later or something. 

This is the spot that exiled Palestinians (1948) living in Jordan come to visit on Fridays and other holidays/holy days to look over their lost homes. In front of me is Israel (the Dome of Rock can be seen from here, though not visible in this photo), to my left is the Golan Heights (the Sea of Galilee can be seen from this spot), and to my right are Syria and Lebanon.

an ancient Roman theater in the city

The theater from a different angle

The same spot I'm sitting in the first picture above

Some ruins

A view. It's nothing in the photo as it is in person.

Our lunch. That's how the cans are in Jordan. Without a straw, they're impossible to drink from. I wasn't a happy camper.

Another view

A well (I doubt it's there for use) in the restaurant where we ate

A better view of the theater

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