Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good News: Studying Arabic Abroad

Halao, world!

I'm honored to share some great news with y'all today: I got this scholarship called the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) award to go to an Arab country and study Arabic for approximately 10 weeks during the summer!!! :D:D:D Of course, I got it only because of the support of my amazing teachers (who must have exaggerated when writing my recommendation letters) and my extremely supportive friends and classmates. I am really blessed to have these people; they're a miracle! These same people have given me support and confidence at the time I most needed it, and it's these exact same people who give me the motivation to keep on doing what I'm doing - that if I don't do it, the world will be destroyed (they really think this; how sweet of them! But we all know it's not true. It's just, they know exactly what to say when!). I would name them, especially two of the most important of these friends, but now might not be the best time. I love them. As for my teachers, I'll be writing long letters to them a few days after my graduation (May 2011, InshaAllah!) and might be sharing excerpts of those on my Blog and Website, if I feel it's okay to do so.

I'm telling you all this so you may be encouraged and apply for the award. For more information, please click the above-provided link. It defines a critical language as well, which include Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and Chinese.

Best of luck to all those who apply!


  1. Congratulations!! well done! so which arab country will you be going to??

  2. Thanks, Sepoooo!! :D I don't know yet where I'll be going; they're gonna determine that based on our proficiency assessment, which we've to turn in by Monday. They'll tell us in a few weeks where we'll be going. The options are: Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and Syria.

  3. Alf mabrook. Keep us posted on where you will be going.

  4. Thank you, Dear LuckyFatima! Will do so, inshaAllah! Can't wait! :D

  5. Oh wow! Mashallah! Congratulations, that is absolutely wonderful news! So happy for you!


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