Monday, February 14, 2011

Farhat Hashmi, anyone?

Anyone know a Dr. Farhat Hashmi? I'd read about her before but have only now decided to give her some attention. She's a female version of Dr. Zakir Naik, if not even more conservative than he, but she holds a PhD in Hadith Sciences, which she obtained from the University of Glasgow (Scotland).

She founded the Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation in 1994, which she says is aimed at promoting "proper" Islamic education.

I think this is another lady we have to be cautious about. As if Zakir Naik isn't enough, now we have a woman who is nurturing ultra-conservative thoughts in Muslim women from the Indian Subcontinent. ~sighs~ You'd think that since she's actually done Islamic Studies, she'd be aware of the history of Islamic thought and women's/gender rights/roles and realize that it was never actually Islam that imposed any of them -- but it was "Islam"! I might have to study her lectures more to see where exactly she gets her ideas from. So far, she appears to be nothing more than the ones who say, "Islam says so." And you ask what "Islam" is or where it's said, and she'll give you this highly ambiguous verse from the Quran, often taking it entirely out of context, and then explain to you what it means. And you go, "But ... where did you get that explanation from?" And she goes, "Scholars A, B, and C say this. And it's common sense." A big no-no for me.

Her official website is:


  1. when men do it there is still a reason for it!! But women!! sad no?

    such well read and influential women should support the cause of women and not drag them back to middle ages!

  2. Interesting, I have never heard of this woman. Women in a typically male role always seem to be more hardcore than the men, I guess because they have something to prove.

  3. Never heard of her, but from what you said it makes me very sad. We have a saying in Danish: "kvinde er kvinde værst", literally "woman is woman worst", meaning, we are worse to each other than men are towards us, and than we are towards men. Very sad.


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