Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Niece - Part 3

Previous posts on the beat of my heart (i.e., my niece): Part I, Part II
Continuing from last time . . .

I should take a picture of my room to show y’all. It’s a nursery—no, wait, a better term would be a zoo. There’s really no point in my cleaning it ‘cause every time I do, she brings back her toys and all the prayer rugs she wants me to play with her on (I’ll explain the prayer rugs part in a sec). And every time I organize my books in my itty bitty library in my room, she pulls them all out to kiss each one because she thinks all books are sacred—and they are. But she has a different idea about them: She thinks they’re Qurans, and my mom has taught her that you are to kiss the Quran and treat it with deep respect because it’s God’s Word. So now, every time she sees a book, whether a religious book or not, she goes, “Lllah!” (her version of “Allah,” or, in this case,  “Allah’s Book”). She also says that to all types of writings because there’s a calligraphy piece attached to almost all of the doors in our house that have “Allah” or the Basmallah or some other important Islamic symbol written on it, and one of her first words, albeit not as early as my Mom would have liked her to say, was “Lllah”! Preciousness, I knoooww! So that’s the reason for her thinking that all books and writings are sacred.

And, oh God! You should hear her saying that something belongs to her and her only! “’s MINE,” she says, almost with full force, while lightly hitting her hand against her chest to assure you.  And good luck to you in claiming it’s yours then. 

Oh, and she has learned to say my nickname (Shanu), so she utters it all day long! :D That means I’m her favorite aunt, right? Of course it does. Unfortunately, of course, being the best and most favorite thing in her world comes with its consequences: She has to shout out my name and knock on my door early in the morning when she wakes up and I’m enjoying a good sleep, especially during these past holidays. And it’s not like she comes in just to say hello, good morning, I love you, I missed you, how was your night, did you have sweet dreams, etc., you know. She comes in to pull my arm and make me play with her. 
Funniest thing is, she has this idea that everyone around or under the age of 10 is a baby but SHE is not! We went to a gathering last weekend where Kashmala pointed to a family friend’s daughter, 11 years old, and said, “Baby!” We were all like, “No, no, Maloo, that’s not a baby!” LOL.

More later, folks.


  1. the second pic (kissy missy one) is super duper cute!
    the kashmala has grown since the previous post!
    god bless her!

    love to mallu and her favorite aunt!

  2. MashaAllah, she's adorable. God bless, great stories and she seem very-very clever for her age. Well done to all.

  3. so adorable mashallah!!! give her a pappi and a jhappi from me! x

  4. MashAllah, she is SO adorable!I fully understand your love for her, my nephew (turning 4 on the 4th of March, mashAllah) is the most important thing to me, I love him so much. They're clever little ones aren't they? I remember being so proud of my nephew for counting to 40 and reciting the alphabet and... mashAllah.

  5. Thanks, ladies! :D
    I wrote this like 3 weeks ago, so it's sorta out-dated now, but I'll write some updates, with new pictures, soon, ka khairee.

    SEPO, that's such a cute piccie, isn't it! OMG, OMG, OMG!!

    LBV, girrrrrrrrrrll, she sure is! I closed my door earlier ('cause I desperately wanted to sleep, and she wouldn't let me!), pretending it wasn't opening, and she went to my mom and said, "Hanu, Hanu" (her recent version of "Shanu") and brought my mom to open my door for her :( And then that was just so, so, SO Freaking CUTE I couldn't deny her myself, could I. ~dreams of her~

    Hina, will do :D Only, she hates being kissed ... unless you pretend you're hurt and want HER to kiss you ;)

    Becky, happy pre-dated birthday to your precious one! He can already count to 40?! Good to know! That's so uncommon here it's scary. Lots of love to him!

  6. Serenity, yes, but he is really really intelligent. He's already picking up easy words to read, and he was able to put together letters to spell mum by himself! So intelligent mashAllah.
    I also totally relate to them not wanting kiss. He's normally very loving and happy to hug you and kiss you, but sometimes he'll be like NO! But if you then hide your face and pretend to cry and be upset "you don't want to huuuug me...." he'll come over and wrap his arms around you and be like "don't cry auntie Becky, I love you!". So adorable mashAllah.

  7. Aww.....I want to come to your house and play with your niece..did you know that when I was in high school, I would always tell myself that when I am 20 or so, I will adopt two girls and the three of us will live happily ever after?..and one of the daughters' names was going to be Kashmala! =)

  8. NO WAY! Really?! lolll! that's adorable! Adopt two girls and the three of you live happily ever after ... ahh! That's still my dream, actually :p I'm gonna adopt two girls and one boy... if I get married, then I'll have one of my own and adopt two, but if not, then adopt three.

  9. Oh, and you are most welcome to my house ANY time! :)


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