Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bacha Khan Trust Awards for Pukhtun Women; Deadline March 30, 2010

I received this in an e-mail from a Pukhtun Googlegroup. Zahid Bunery had mentioned it to me some days ago, but I didn't think it'd be this great a deal, to be honest. And now I see it is! So, please sSpread the word, guys! Encourage as many girls and women as you can to apply. Nothing to lose; lots to gain.

Any questions should be directed to Zahid Buneray. Phone: +9291-2246851; e-mail:

I'm not sure if it's someone else who's to nominate you, or you nominate yourself. I'll ask. But in the meantime, take a look.


Baacha Khan Trust is going to present tribute to women of this region who have done their outstanding work in their fields even in worse situation but our brave women have proved that they can do and can face the challenges.

We would like to invite applications from following fields; preference will be given to young applicants.

1. Literature
2. politics
3. social work
4. sports
5. journalism and media
6. special women
7. music
8. aviation
9. arts
10. medicine
11. law
12. economy
13. and others which you feel that your work is very special

Please send us
* Your detailed profile of your background, education, experience and your achievements in your field,
* Your photograph,
* Contact number and present address,
* Any suggestions for the improvement of this program.

Last date for applications: March 30, 2010

Address, Coordinator of women award,

Baacha Khan Research Center, Baacha Khan Markaz,

Pajagi Road Peshawar,
For further inquiry, please call Zahid Buneray at 10-4 PM on +9291-2246851


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