Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arabic Class Skit - 1

Last week, we had to present some skits in our Arabic class. Now, I’ve always longed for such an opportunity, but never in the past has any gone as well as this one.
This was our second one this semester, and thankfully, there are many more left before the semester ends. I’m thinking of posting each one here on my blog, ‘cause they might be funny to some of us.

It was entirely in Arabic, but I’ll write it in English here. (It’s funnier in Arabic, but oh well.) The assignment was to use all the vocabulary, the tenses, and the phrases we’ve learned this semester so far, and that’s like 6 chapters from our text.

So here’s how it went.
I’m sitting in a restaurant, having ordered my 12th glass of mango juice, looking as depressed as I can, even crying a little.

A girl a few booths away from me has been watching me for a while and finally approaches me.

Girl: Assalamu ‘alaikum, Sister. I have been watching you for the past hour, and you look very sad. AND this is your 12th bottle! Not good, not good at all, Sister. What is wrong?

Me, bursting into loud tears: My fiancé just left for Iraq to join the army, and I feel so lonely now! I need him!

Girl: Awww, I know how you feel. My beloved did, too. I know it hurts, but it’s okay. They’ll come back to us soon, inshAllah.

Me: Yeah, but mine was handsome and kind and made me laugh a lot and helped me with my Arabic homework and with studying for exams in my Arabic class. ~sniff, sniff~ and he was such a good student all of his teachers loved him, and he was so nice all of his friends loved him. And he helped them with their homework, too.

Girl: Awww, sister, I’m so sorry. I feel for you. Mine was a very kind person, too. I think of him all the time. He was very intelligent as well and always helped me in EVERYTHING --  in housework, too.

Me, not really listening to her: And ~ sniff ~ and ~sniff~ he loved me so much and we wanted to get married next month. Ya Allah, why me! Why me! AND he loved mango juice – like the one I have here with me. ~cries~ And ~sniff, sniff~ and his favorite weather was warm weather, like me, and did not like cold weather, and I don’t like winter, either. And we liked the same sports, like basketball and football, and we ran in the mornings and evening, and we ate at our favorite restaurant often, and ~sniff~ and we both loved Pashto music ~cries harder~

Girl: Sister, don’t cry … and my name is Dua; what is yours?
Me: ~sniff~ Thank you. I am Maha. ~crying gets louder~ And I’m an American but of Iraqi descendant. And my mother is from Morocco and my father is from Iraq. My grandmother is also from Iraq. She lives with us because my mother is sick nowadays. I want to graduate soon so I can go home and live with them. My fiancĂ© ~crying a little more~ and I love Chicago. He studied there for five years.

Dua: Mine studied there too. And he worked at the UN for 8 years then.

Me: ~sniff, then crying~ Mine was such a good person. He also worked at the UN for 8 years. And he majored in Business.

Dua: Ya Allah, mine majored in business, too!

Me: Sister, do you think mine knows yours? Maybe they do!

Dua: I don’t know! Do you have his picture?

Me: Of course, of course! Here.

~ exchanging pictures~

~ both in shock; show the pictures to class: it’s the same person! ~

Me, banging on the table: Haraam!! Haraaam!!! HARAAAAAAAAMM!!!

End scene!
hahahahahahahahaha! It was SO much fun! :D:D:D Hey, it took us like 30 minutes to come with this play, k? And we had only HALF a day to prepare!

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  1. Can u plz post the arabic version too?


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