Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interesting Blog Statistics

So, I think some of y'all might find this of interest. It's 3:16am and, clearly, I'd rather be doing nothing better with my time than blogging this late -- or early, depending on how you see it, lawlz.

Now... as of June 3, 2012:

~ The 10 most-visited countries to the blog are:
  •  The U.S. with 24,166 visitors
  •  The UK, 8,254
  •  Pakistan, 6,256
  •  Canada, 2,980
  •  India, 2,710
  • Germany, 1,282
  • Russia, 832
  • United Arab Emirates, 777
  • Denmark, 673
  • Australia, 567

~ The 5 most common words/phrases googled that direct people to my blog are:
  • Hijab, 334 times
  • Petra, 296
  • What I'm actually doing, 231
  • Qrratugai, 179 times
  • Pashtunistan, 154
~ The 10 most widely-read/viewed posts on my blog are:
 ~ The "Pages" (tabs at the top of the blog's homepage) have been viewed/read as shown below:
I guess no one cares about gender issues. #BIGsadface

Oh, and a little interesting fact: 70% of the people who "like" "Da Qrratugai Qrrate" on Facebook are females! And 26% are males. This is according to Facebook's Demographic and Location on my page. Interesting, eh?! What's wrong, boyz! :@

If an interesting term pops up on my Stats page on Blogger, I'll share it here. Some of the phrases typed in are really disgusting - not even worth mentioning (they've to do with vulgarity and Pashtun women! Like, what the hell!). I've no clue how anyone's able to get to my blog through such vulgarity, since I don't talk about such things here... do I? Toba!

Here are some of those phrases:
- Misry Saddar's wife's picture
- Muslim girls exposing their inner hidden beauty pictures
- Pashtun girls photos (lol @ this obsession with women's photos, wth!!! Sometimes, they'll come looking for "naked" photos of Pashtun girls, too! Disgusting)
- Girl pictures online (:S)
- Meeting Pashtun girls on the Internet
- Beautiful Pashtun girls (sometimes the word 'beatiful' is replaced with ... well, some dirty terms)
- Arab girl smoking



  1. Ah, I guess I'm your only reader in Denmark, since DK didn't make the list :P

    I should do this too :P thank you for sharing!

  2. hahaha, actually, Becky, Denmark comes rrrrright after Germany with 527 hits! :D Yay! Alll thanks to you, girl!

    Yeah, do it!


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