Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home again and Updates on Kashmala!

Dear world, I am home again!!!! 'Hamdulilllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Okay, so to the important stuff - Our Kashmala!!! You guuuuuuuuuuyyyyssss!!! This girl IS my life!!! She IS my world!!! She IS my happiness!! She was so happy to see me :) She hugs me allllllll the time, she kisses me, she plays with me, she teases me! And best of all, she listens to me :) When I tell her to do something (of course very very very nicely), she does it; when I tell her not to do something, she doesn't do it! Ohhhh my God!! I'mna go crazy without her just like I did! Near the end of CLS, the only thing that helped me survive was knowing that in a month, in a few weeks, in a few days, in a few hours, I would be with her, she'd be in my arms, I'd be hugging her, I'd be laughing with her, I'd see her precious little teeth as she brightens up the entire house with her smiles and laughters!!

Some funny and cool things she's learned or she does, guys.
She broke my mirror into two pieces (but it was fixable, so it wasn't a biggie), and so she hid it and then turned to me to say, "Hanu [her version of "Shanu," lol], Kashmaloo cute girl." LOL. I kissed her tightly and said, "Oh, yes she is! She's the cutest thing ever!!!" And then she took the mirror and gave it to me and said, "Daa bin dey." ("This stinks," literally, in Pashto.) And I said, "Oh noooo! What'd you dooooooooooo!" But she tried convincing me that it was stinky since it'd been broken :p hahaha. Khair, I fixed it and it's all good now.

She can recite parts of the first kalma (Laa ilaha illallahu muhammad al-rasulullah); she can recite the first part of the prayer (Subhanaka allahumma, wa bihamdika, ...); she knows her 1, 2, 3s till 10 and then some broken pieces until 20 - like 12, 18, etc. - and she knows most (if not all) of her ABCs.

When she loses something, she goes, "Oh maaan. Laaaaro [it's gone]." And you ask her, "Where'd it go?" And she says, "Paashaan ta laaro. [It went to Pakistan.]" LOL! She says that because when we were in Pakistan and she'd ask her mom where we were, her mom would tell her we went to Pakistan. And since she couldn't see us, she grew to believe that anything/anyone that's "missing" must be in Pakistan :) How adorable is that, folks!! How addddddddorable is that!! And, of course, she doesn't know what or where Pakistan is, LOL.

Also, her Pashto has improved significantly! :) Ohhh my Goddddd!!! She can go on saying several sentences in Pashto alone, without using any English word! I'm SO proud of her! She'll tell me what happened "bega" (last night) all in Pashto, though much of it is just her imagination and didn't really happen -- like she'll tell me her little brother came over yesterday, LOL.

And when she wants something and you just can't let her have it and so you tell her, "I can't reach there," or "I don't know how to get it, baby girl," or "Hmm... naaa, it's not good; it's ugly, anyway," she'll show you how to get it, LOL. She'll convince you that it's not "ugly" or "bad" :p And if you still don't try to get it for her, she'll go seek help elsewhere, LOL. Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD, OH MY GODDDDD!

Oh oh oh oh -- every night when my mom's going to sleep (Kashmala sleeps with my mom) and she has to take Kashmala from us, we (me and my sister) have to pretend to be going to school so she can go to sleep and let us leave, LOL. She cries the first minute or so while we're outside our house near the door, waiting for mom to take her to the room to put her to sleep, but after a minute, she's fine again. Oh how it stings me to hear her cries! Like, the first night I was here, she cried so hard! :( She begged me to take her to school with her, after begging me not to go to school and I didn't listen to her ~cries miserably~ I have started realizing that I love this thing so much I would really give my life for her. I would sell myself for her. I would sacrifice myself and my all for her. She is *the* most important thing in my life, and I'm simply nothing without her. I have no idea how I lived 22 years of my life without her in it! My God, how she's brought SO much happiness, so much meaning, so much love to my life!!

All right, beloved readers ... this shall be it for now. I've to prepare for my Arabic placement exam, which is on Monday, and I've to pack, and I've to get other things taken care of before Kashmala wakes up so I can beeeeeee with her again :D:D:D Well, you see, I won't be able to see her again for the next couple of months after Saturday ~screams in anger and pain and frustration and misery~

Ahhh ... I should leave on a happy note... and lemme make that this: I have something as beautiful as Kashmala to give meaning to my life :) Alhamdulillah!


  1. So sweet. Happy for your reunion.

  2. MashAllah, she's adorable, and so smart!

    I totally understand how it breaks your heart when she cries - the same thing happens to me with my nephew. At that age they do get over it very quickly though, and they need to learn they're not going to get their way just because they cry, and also, even if you get upset, the world doesn't end and you'll be okay.

    My bf and I were babysitting the daughter of a good friend of mine last week. Her daughter is 3, and she was crying sooo much when my friend was leaving, for like, 15-20 mins before she left, just crying crying, and my friend almost cancelled her plans. I convinced her to go and told her I'd call her in 15 mins if her daughter was still crying.
    Within 5 mins of her mum leaving the girl was fine again, and although she asked for her mum before going to bed (and I explained her mum would be there when she woke up, and that I would stay until her mum was home), she was fine.


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