Sunday, August 28, 2011

Defying Destiny

As always, your critical feedback will be greatly appreciated!

This poem has history. There's this brilliant movie called "The Thornbirds" in which the two main characters try so hard--oh so, so hard--to defy destiny. They both succeed and fail in their own ways, and it is miserable and delightful at the same time. It's the most beautiful, most precious, most intellectually stimulating movie I have ever watched, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Whether you watch it or not, I'm going to be writing its summary and analysis, including my humble interpretation of it, very soon, ka khairee, and that is going to include some spoilers scene and events and endings, so you should watch it like right now. It's very long, but it's so, so beautiful. This has to be one of the two-three movies I would watch more than 50 times during my lifetime. It's available on Youtube; click here to watch it.

That said, ... Enjoy! (Remember to provide feedback; that's always a great way to learn of and work on our imperfections.)

"Defying Destiny"

In empty seas of faith,
Stifling  in spirit and belief
In a merciful God full of wrath,
With a crying heart seeking relief
Fighting to escape this abyss of spite
Caught between the wills of God and love
I am smothered.
As we stand against fate
Fight. We must fight
To escape this dismal strait
Do you feel it, too,
There’s you, there’s me
How we stand against destiny,
Struck by fate
O’ what has He to lose
But to earn our praises!
Lest He grants us each other,
Seeing the longing in our gazes,
Hearing our suppressed prayers
No. It can’t be.
There’s you, there’s me
And we stand against destiny,
Struck by fate
With teary eyes and oppressed hearts,
Let us fight till I’m yours and you’re mine,
Till the seas of faith are once again revived
And our hearts no longer linger with pine

~ Qrratugai
July 28th 2011

P.S. As y'all know, my favorite negative English word is "smothered."


  1. Destiny cannot be defied. Destiny follows what I call input output law - whatever happens is the output of our inputs. Wishing is just a part of input to see the output, it is not all that needs to be done.

  2. Long Ago, there was a bird who sang just once in its life.

    From the moment it left its nest, it searched for a thorn tree.

    and it never rested until it found one.

    Then it began to sing more sweetly

    than any other creature on the face of the earth.

    And singing, it impaled its breast on the longest, sharpest thorn.

    But as it was dying, it rose above its own agony

    to out-sing the lark and the nightingale.

    The thorn bird pays its life for that one song

    and the whole world stills to listen

    and God, in His heaven ~smiles.

    As its best was bought only at the cost of great pain.

    Driven to the thorn, with no knowledge of the dying to come.

    But when we press the thorn to our breast,

    We know........

    We understand.....

    And still......we do it.

  3. OH MY GOD!!! You've seen that movie!!! :D That scene was just breathtaking!!

    Reminds me of the moth/parwana and light/shama imagery often presented in Hindi/Urdu songs... aaahhh!!

  4. Oh, and regarding your belief that destiny cannot be defied ... the thing is, I don't thin it can be because no one knows what her/his destiny is in the first place. To say that I'm defying my destiny is to claim that I know what my future has in store for me, when, like everyone else, I really don't.

    It's just, in the movie, I particularly loved the God theme that constantly played out. One of the main characters kept saying things like, "I know your God doesn't want this to happen, but I'm going to make it happen" -- and why she was saying this has to do with the story as a whole. Oh, so beautiful!! I'll share my favorite quotes from the movie soon, ka khairee, in another entry.

    Oh, by the way, thank you so much for dropping by and commenting :)

  5. It's not just a movie, it's based on a book by Colleen McCullough, I believe her name is, one of the best books I read in my life.

  6. I haven't read the book yet! But I'd love to! Anything, anything at all to re-live this story!


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