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Child Disability Project - Please Spread the Word.

I'm getting this from Hina Khan's blog. If you all could please share this on your blogs and spread the word among friends and foes, it would be greatly appreciate. And what better a time to do that in than Ramadhan al-kareem (the generous)!

Thank you in advance for all your funding and support otherwise!

Dear all! Below is an extract from a new project undertaken by Chand Welfare Foundation. They need funding for their project. I hope you can help spread the word to enable maximum assistance from people. Thank you!


Chand Welfare Foundation

Project on Disabled Children

Chand Welfare Foundation is a nongovernmental organisation working in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for women and childrens rights. We have worked on different projects like women empowerment, child labour, income generation etc. We have now started working on a project to help disabled children.

We have started working on our new project on disabled children. We have a few children from Tehkal Bala, Tehkal Payan, Palosi and Safaid Dehri. The children are;

• Mentally disable
• Physically disable

Our main focus is on physically disable children, targeting their basic needs (nutrition and education), but we also hope to provide for the mentally disable children by providing them nutrition for their health and a balanced diet. There are some families that demanded diapers and other accessories needed for their daily routine. We are trying our best to provide them their needs within our resources.

• Providing them nutrition
• Providing them medical facility
• Providing them free education
• Providing them free transport facility
• Providing them all school related facilities (uniform, bags, books and stationary)
• Arranging activities for them to enhance their skills (competitions at school)
• Providing them job opportunities within our organisation
• Taking them on school trips for refreshment and change of environment

We have so far provided them medical facilities where our doctor has performed a medical check-up on them and advised better nutrition. We also took them to the Police Government Hospital for their check-up. There are some children who urgently need wheel chairs as they have no mobility and we want to urgently arrange it for them.

We will provide them nutritive food according to the Nutritionists prescription. We not only provide them nutritive food for their homes but also for their refreshment during break time at school.

We are offering them free education and free transport so that they can easily join us. We provide them free school necessities for their education (i.e. books, bags, uniforms and shoes). We make sure they are aware of their rights and give them basic education so that they can move with the world. We have arranged and aim to contiously improve on a relaxing environment for them where they can learn and adjust easily.

We will try to adopt a modern learning methods for them by using multimedia which will be beneficial to them in ways of easily absorbing information via watching related videos.

We have the following team members for this project who report to the CEO:

• Project Manager
That plans and manages the project.

• Legal advisor
That keeps us updated on legal issues or laws related to children.

• Psychiatrist:
That can evaluate the behaviour of these children and can provide counselling.

• Doctor:
To provide them medical treatment and keep check on their health record.

• Physiotherapist:
To provide them the facility of physiotherapy.

• Teachers:
To take charge of their education.

• Care taker:
A care taker for both girls and boys who can help them entering and leaving the schools, providing them break time nutrition and taking them to use the toilet facilities.

• Driver:
To provide them transport facility. He will pick them from their homes and drop them back.

• Nutritionist
• Nutrition for the kids
• Accessories for personal use (girls and boys)
• Transport facility
• Multimedia
• Salaries to employees
• Education material (bags, books etc)
• Medical aid (wheel chairs, medication etc)

Any assistance from you that will enable us in improving our services 
and funding where appropriate would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you, from everyone at Chand Welfare Foundation 
and all of its disabled children who are awaiting a helping hand from you.

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