Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back from Swat (Pakistan)!!!!

Hello, hello, HELLLLLLLLLOOO my beloved readers!
Guess who went to Swat this summer and got back last night!!! Well, yes, that'd be me ... hence no blog posts or comments on anyone's blogs and all. In case you can't sense the excitement, I had a bahhhlaaaast (blast)!! Eeee!! k, I can't really write much right now. Am preparing for my trip to the Middle East -- you know, the CLS thingie (I'll tell you which country once I return, ka khairee, haha!). But, yeah, I have come back with loooooooooooooads of information about Swat, about Pakistan, about the people, about my language, about everything and anything I came across. I took thousands of pictures of evvvvvverything ... why, yes, yes, including cows, chickens, drinking vessels, beds, people, mountains, cow/chicken dung, etc. My relatives thought I was crazy, but I told them that this was precious stuff, something I had been longing to see for a long, long while. I told everyone I had come to *travel across* the region that everyone claims is a paradise on earth but that I had never seen as paradise 'cause, hell, the average Swati doesn't travel like that, ok? Only visitors and tourists and other non-Swatis come to Swat to see the area. Really, when I was there back 12 years ago, rarely did anyone go for visits to the main tourist spots, like Marghuzar, Bahrain, Kalam, Malam Jaba, etc. But this time, I told everyone that it don't feel all that good when a non-Swati tells you, "OMG! You're from Swat?! No way! That's like the most beeeeautiful place on earth!" And you go, "Really? Wow. That's what everyone says, but all I've seen is Mingora and Village X -- and all that comes in between, nothing more." So the main goal of my this trip to Swat was, yeah, just touring all over it. And I saw lots at last :)

I also came back with a tonnnnn of ideas for research, some of which are too unique and important for me to share with the public, but others, I'll gladly tell you all about 'em.

Will write more later, k? If you've any questions, don't hesitate to ask the expert here! :D (umm, yes, that'd be me.)


  1. Yaaaaay! Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Alhamdulillah! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. awwww .. :( I want you back.

  3. Beckyyyy! Yeah, I did have a wonderful trip. And I miss it so much already :S Nidz, I'll come back soon! I HAVE to! I miss you like crazy, you you evil you!


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