Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pictures Time!

Okay, so I think it's time I showed you a few pictures, world, no? Just a few, k? Here you go. Enjoy!

Remember how I said this city I'm in is built on 7 hills (so they tell us -- but I fully believe it) and that it's hilly all over? Well, here is the proof.

Try counting the stairs! In reality,
it's at least twice as many more as what you see.
The Middle Eastern version of Taco Bell :D (I half swear.)
Now, remember when I sad I curled my hair?!?! Yeah, well, take this: 

One of the first steps, eh.
One of the last steps.

Taaa-daaaaa!! The final result!! :D
Day 2, left side; day 3, right side
Ahhhh!!! That view was beeeeautiful!
Too bad you weren't there to see it yourself.
You see that blue dome? That'd be a Church.

Meh, my randomness! Actually, no. Not randomness: Those are my favorite pair of shoes, you see.


  1. Beautiful beautiful pictures! MashAllah!

  2. ~blushing~ Shukran, dahling! Shukran jazeelan!

  3. wow..! man, i lovvvve the pics, but your hair takes all te limelite here!!

    awesommmmmmeeeeeee!! :)

    mmwah, tc, keep lookin good

  4. love love love love love love love them ALL!!!

    more more, na maregam :P

  5. heee eee, Sepo! Thanks, janana!
    Hina, LOL. ~salutes~ Yes'm!

  6. Mumtaaz! Love the hair. Love the chappals more. Enjoy, humsheera.

  7. I wish you could hear me singing "Shukran jazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelan" ;)
    Thankooo, dahlin'!


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