Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Taking off the Hijab is the Biggest Sin, Biggest Sin, Biggest Sin!"

Ahhh! I just came across something really interesting (and very untrue) by another preacher I have to study for my thesis on Muslim preachers. My Arab readers might know him, as he is for Arabs/Mid Easterners, it seems, what Zakir Naik is for the South Asians: Amr Khaled.

Here's an article of his I absolutely had to share here. The statement that really attracted me to it is: "Taking off the Hijab is the biggest sin, biggest sin, biggest sin!" Really? Then what is shirk, the belief/practice of joining partners with God? I never appreciated such exaggerations.

The article is titled "Hijab Excuses."

We have preachers like him (and Zakir Naik) making such outlandish comments, and you wonder why I need to study preachers and the notion of religious authority in Islam? Well, now you know. 'Course, on a personal level, I'd choose Amr Khaled over Zakir Naik any day... though my thesis has taught me something extremely important about myself, about research, about studies like this, and about Muslims. I will write on that as soon as I submit or at least defend the thesis, which will, inshaAllah, be on Wed. April 13th! k? Till then, hang tight!

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