Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Thesis Title

Yay! I finally got the title of my thesis! 
Woooohooo!!!! I'm so relieved! 'Course, the more difficult and more painful part is yet to come -- the freaking defense! I suggested to my committee that we not call it "defense" because it scares the poor student to death. I mean, they make it seem like that 1 hour or so is really a moment for your committee to GRILL you. The honors program at our uni calls the defense the "Grilling Moment" too :S Like, what's up with that, damnit.

Anyway, I gotta get back to watching the last few lectures of my guy (Naik). OMG, I sooo can't wait to talk about what all I've gotten out of this study! Wednesday, ka khairee, Wednesday, k? That's when the "grilling" shall be taking place, and hopefully I'll pass. I no longer expect a high or highest honors; I think I'm willing to settle for just a plain "Pass" :( Not even honors anymore. Though it's contributed significantly to my personal and intellectual growth, I've lost far more confidence during this study than I thought I had in me. ~sighs~ 'S okay. I'll live. At least now I know how to handle and approach my PhD thesis. Lessons learnt, Beloved God, lessons learnt, I swear.


  1. hey i worked on Farhat Hashmi a lifetime ago..we should compare notes on how the new superstar takes on the Empress!

  2. Really?! I'd love to work on her, too! What do you think about her, both personally and intellectually?

    Yeah, we could share notes on them. Only thing is, Zakir Naik doesn't have the same qualifications, or even close, that Farhat Hashmi does. How popular is Hashmi, though?

  3. I am going to email you once I am back online (this will be May)and Hashmi et Naik are not that different in the end

  4. Good luck with your defense!!! I have a couple friends in the same stress and fear right now. lol.

  5. Thanks, all! :) Bless y'all's hearts!

  6. Someone from PashtunforumsApril 13, 2011 at 8:21 AM

    The Case of Zakir Naik! lol. Go get him tiger!


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