Friday, April 23, 2010

Hijab as a Response to Oppression, or Oppressed Because of the Hijab?

I am not supposed to be blogging at the moment, since I've got 3 papers due within the next 10 days or so. But I couldn't help, so here.

I've some ideas for future blog posts, and I'm gonna list them here just because.
- What does "equality" (or being equal or having equal rights) mean? Does equality = sameness?
- the differences between "roles" and "rights" (you know how people go, "I'm NOT a man! I'm NOT going to lead men in prayers! That's NOT a right! .... okay, what?)
- my definition of oppression, whether *I* am oppressed or not, the opposite of oppression, what's in between, etc.
- history of hadith criticism, a list of important people (Islamic scholars, both classical and contemporary) who have rejected hadiths as WELL as a list of those who have accepted them
- Mawdudi and what I think of him (ugh)
- Zakir Naik and what I think of him (ugh)
- ... and some I can't remember right now.

But lemme talk a little on the idea of oppression and hijab, which is the headcoveirng. It just occurred to me that perhaps some women wear hijab because they are oppressed, however they might define oppression. I mean, I certainly don't think that ALL women who wear the hijab are oppressed, but I'm starting to believe that the hijab is a tool of resistance for at least some women. I'll explain this later, I promise, ka khairee, but it's an idea, yeah.

SO! I am noting connection between the hijab and oppression, NOT in the sense that it leads to oppression but in the sense that it's a response to it.

More later.
I miss my blog.... and I wish we'd have emoticons in here, damnit.


  1. Salaam alaikum again, and all the best with your papers. (Hopefully you will be reading this only after the 10 days have lapsed....? Hah! I thought not.:)
    So, you had me at 'ugh' following 'Zakir Naik'. :) I'll be waiting for that post with great pleasure indeed. The hijab/oppression connection being noted, more with that, yes?

  2. LOL! :D Yeah, I didn't think so, either ;) I'm here! lol.
    Na, I read comments but just don't post blogs.

    About Zakir Naik -- girrrrrrrl, I can just paste here the stuff I've said in response to his articles and videos and speeches and whatnot on some forums already; that won't be any trouble at all - would just have to find them.

    I hope our views on him are different; we will have more to learn from each other that way, yes? :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I'd have to say, nein, most probably our views on the Naik will not differ. *gritting teeth* But since you put your thoughts down so well, it'll be a pleasure reading. Anon!


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