Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Samar Minallah

After reading this article/letter written by Samar Minallah entitled "VIEW: The Swat Flogging Video," I decided to write to Samar as a way to show her my support. I love and admire this honorable lady. She impresses me with her every move.
God bless her and give her a long, healthy, and peaceful life!

Here's what I wrote to her. (Okay,okay, I corrected some changes I'd had in the original post, but whatevs.)

Dearest, Beloved, and Honorable Samar:

You have done an excellent and superb job in giving the silenced women of our land a voice by taking us out of an invisible spectrum and placing us into a visible world where we women DO matter. Ignore their remarks about the beautiful work you're doing and about the video to which you brought people's attention. That video of the lashing young girl has left an indelible mark on most who viewed it. As for the jerks it didn't move at all, I can only say that misogynists don't matter a bit! Sure, they might be a majority in many societies even today, but with intelligent women like you using their intellect, skills, and education to help amend the lives of miserable souls, we have some hope of one day blotting out all signs of misogyny from our society.

I don't know of ANY female who doesn't appreciate what you do. I also know of many, MANY males who are with you, who support you, who applaud you for all your work. And I don't need to say anything to encourage you because you're doing an amazing job already, and your persistence is clearly portrayed in your actions, writings, and thoughts. It is quite unfortunate that we live in a backward society that makes pitiful (but sometimes successful) attempts at silencing the truthful members of a society burdened with illiteracy, extremism, backwardness, and injustice.

I was very happy and relieved to read your letter below. You cannot imagine the waves of pride that travel through me when I talk about you to friends and teachers and other interested individuals, show them the videos you've made and the articles you've written, and tell them with a bright smile, "AND she's Pukhtun! One day I hope to be just like her!"

Please keep up what you're doing, and we're here for and with you! May peace be upon you always, and may you be blessed with a long and healthy life so that you can continue being an inspiration for millions of young Pukhtun girls out there who, until you and very few other honorable women like you came along, had no hope for a good future.

Take care ao pa makha de gulona!

~ Qrratugai


  1. God luck with your blog. Khudai day dera khushala lara for the kind and encouraging words. It is people like you who give me the strenth to carry on!
    I dedicate two of videos to your blog.
    all the best
    Samar Minallah

  2. Ohhhh, look who's here!!! :D
    Thanks, Samar, for coming by!!! This means a LOT! :)

    And, yes, I LOVE those songs, particularly "Allaho"! Such a beautiful and important message it carries.

  3. Salaam alaikum, Qrratugai.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Because it brought me here and has given me so much more to read and learn about. :)
    Have read only a few posts so far, and really liked what I have covered. So I'll be back.
    First time I've met a Pashtun online, so that's interesting as well. See you around, inshaAllah.

  4. Well, hello there, Longblackveil! :)
    Wa alaikum assalaam, and welcome to my blog!

    Feel free to come in any time you want and say whatever is on your mind.

    It actually feels very good to have a non-Pashtun here! lol.

  5. hi courages pashtun girl, yesterday I read firstly about Samar Minallah and I am very impressed about her work. I wondered whats going on with the Pakistan women right now, and so I found your wonderful blog. Respect!!!

    I really would like to know more about your fight to free the islamic society and to STOP the inhuman misuse of power which some men do so violently!

    I am a woman from Germany, working as a bodytherapist. As you can imagine, we fight also against misuse and viloence against children and women.


    Sarah Klute, Berlin, Germany

  6. Hi there, Sarah!

    I'm honored that you dropped by!

    I'll write something on the situation of women in Pakistan when I have some time, and then we can talk about it. Along with that, I'll provide a list of Pakistani female reformers, along with a long list of Afghan women reformers, just to show that we do have hope for a better future as long as these women keep fighting for us, God bless them infinitely and give them long, successful, prosperous, and happy lives.

    Yes, Samar Minallah is a blessing to the world -- especially to Pashtun women (the women of her ethnicity). Are you also originally from Pakistan, if you don't mind my asking? :) Just wondering.

    Thanks again for stopping and for commenting!

  7. P.S. This was actually in reply to her email in a Yahoo! Pashtun Group, and that's what the "you letter below" refers to.


Dare to opine :)

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